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IELTS Writing Sample : Society (6)


The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate their parents with parental skills.

To what extent you agree or disagree? 

Band 8 Sample

It is true that more and more young people are getting involved in crime, and the best way to address this critical issue is an ongoing debate. There are many ways to prevent youth crime, one of which is better parenting skills; however, those ways need to be carried out simultaneously if they are to be effective.

On the one hand, parents are the closest people to their children and are the most likely to be able to have an impact on their children’s behavior. In fact, the large majority of youth crime nowadays is the result of inappropriate parenting, and a lack of childcare and crime education. Therefore, it is totally reasonable to say that improving parenting skills will cause a decrease in juvenile offences.

However, education at home alone is not enough since there are a lot of kids who are not willing to listen to their parents. In this day and age, children spend the largest amount of time at school, and therefore are more likely to be influenced by their teachers or friends. For example, in my home country of Vietnam, many high school students are susceptible to negative peer pressure. This usually leads to the increasing use of alcohol or drugs, all of which are primary contributors to crime at this age. These facts suggest that we should introduce education in the school curriculum about the consequences one may face when committing an offence, as well as help children manage negative peer pressure.

In conclusion, enhancing skills to educate children at home is a good way to curb juvenile delinquencies; however, I think there is no single best way to achieve this as different measures need to be taken at the same time.


Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Result of inappropriate parenting and a lack of childcare and crime education 
  2. Juvenile offences
  3. Susceptible to negative peer pressure
  4. Curb juvenile delinquencies

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