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Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes (Part 2/3)

Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes – IELTS Speaking topic under the topic “Describe an experience”. It can be said that this is a relatively easy topic for candidates if they have a good vocabulary set suitable for the topic.

When it wasMy friend’s wedding/ last month
What you woreA sheath dress
What it looked likeAnd explain why you wore itPastel blue + white = my favorite color
Chosen by my friend (good sense of style)
Versatile  suitable for work and study

Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes (fashion)

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you wore
  • What it looked like

And explain why you wore it.

Sample Answer

Actually, I am definitely not a fashion enthusiast or someone who is on trend, since I wear casual clothes most of the time. However, whenever there is any special occasion in my family or I have been invited by my friends, wearing a beautiful piece of clothing is obviously necessary. And today, I’m going to tell you about one of those events. 

It was actually my friend’s wedding last month. I still remember that day, I was flooded with compliments from everybody. I wore a sheath dress, colored in pastel blue and white, which is also my favorite color. Actually, that dress was partially chosen by my friend, since before the wedding, we went shopping to choose the best dress for the wedding. I asked her to pick the dress for me because she has a great sense of style and always keeps up with the latest fashion trend.

The dress, fortunately, suited me perfectly. I remembered bringing it immediately to the fitting room when I saw it at first glance. Although fashion is definitely not my thing, I am confident to say that I have a very good taste in fashion. The dress is definitely to my liking, since it is extremely versatile, as shown in a way how the dress is both suitable in the formal setting at work and my study at school.

When I attended the wedding, everyone told me I looked so different. The main reason is that I have always pursued a casual look, which basically includes a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and sometimes, even a plain-coloured shift dress. Everyone seemed to be so surprised of what I looked like that day, because I have never worn such a feminine-looking dress. Overall, I was so happy and thankful to my friend for helping me choose such a nice dress. 


  • Fashion enthusiast (phrase): a person who likes/ is passionate about fashion
  • On trend (phrase): very fashionable
  • Casual clothes (phrase): simple clothes
  • To be flooded with sth
  • Compliment (n)
  • Sheath dress (n): body-hugging dress
  • Partially (adv)
  • A great sense of style (phrase)
  • At first glance (phrase)
  • Have a (very) good taste in sth: have a good taste in something
  • Versatile (adj)
  • Plain-colored (adj)
  • Feminine-looking (adj)

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Clothes and fashion

1. Can we learn about someone’s personality based on the clothes they wear?

In my opinion, I strongly believe that people’s dressing style speaks volume about who they are. For example, you can tell if someone is careful and decent by how much attention they take to the little things in their clothing, such as wrinkles in the collar or little stains at the edge of the shirt. When it comes to individuals who are careless, on the other hand, their dressing style may not be particularly appropriate and they may not always be well-groomed.

2. What is the difference between clothes that young people and old people like to wear?

Without a doubt, there is a stark difference in the dressing style between young and old people. Regarding the older generation, they generally lean towards simple, plain and not too pricey pieces of clothing. Having said that, the younger counterparts take great care of their appearance, therefore making it much more necessary for them to wear fashionable clothes. 

3. Do you agree that expensive clothes are always better quality than cheap clothes?

From my perspective, I believe that expensive clothing is not always of higher quality than less expensive clothing. There are still some cases where many large firms spend a sizable portion of their money on advertising and celebrity endorsements to promote their goods. However, paying excessive attention to such strategies might result in firms taking less care of enhancing products’ quality. Therefore, I don’t think expensive clothes are not always better than cheap ones. 

Another Sample:

Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes


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