Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you wore
  • What it looked like
  • And explain why you wore it

Sample Answer

The time that I put on my best clothes was on my brother’s wedding 2 years ago, if I’m not mistaken. I am not a fashion icon or someone who is on trend (1) and I wear casual clothes(2) most of the time. On that special day, I wore a long red formfitting (3) dress, which was chosen by my best friend. I had her pick the dress for me because she has a sense of style (4) and always keeps up with the latest fashion trend(6) . The dress suited me perfectly. It helped me show my hourglass body. The dress looked simple with only one color and there was a flower on the chest for additional decoration. It helped me look formal enough for an important event but still elegant. I also wore red heels which matched the dress’s color perfectly.

When I attended the wedding, everyone told me that I looked so different and beautiful at the same time. I was so happy and felt thankful to my friend for choosing for me such a nice dress. Without her, I might wear something old fashioned (6) or too casual.

Recently, I wore the dress again on my 27th birthday and it still looked fashionable although three years has passed. I believe this is one of the timeless items (7) that every woman needs in her closet.


  1. be on trend /biː ɒn trend/
    Ex: First, he manages to be on trend without looking on trend.
  2. casual clothes: /ˈkæʒ.ju.əl/
    Ex: Record-company presidents in casual clothes.
  3. Form-fitting /ˈfɔːmˌfɪt.ɪŋ/:
    Ex: I had never seen her in something form-fitting before
  4. have a sense of style:
    Ex: She have a sense of style
  5. keep up with the latest fashion trend:
    Ex: we always keep up with the latest fashion trends.
  6. old fashioned /ˈfæʃ.ənt/:
    Ex: I don’t like to wear old fashioned clothing
  7. timeless item /ˈtaɪm.ləs ˈaɪ. təm/:
    Ex: I believe a gold tooth is one of the timeless items

IELTS Speaking Part 3

  1. Do you think people need to wear formally in the workplace? Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

I think it depends on the occupation. For those working in the government, the real estate, or in some financial institutions, they have to dress formally because they need to gain trust from others, and no one is gonna trust a person wearing shorts or tank top with their own money. However, people like artists or designers don’t have to dress formally all the time; some others like a real estate agent or lawyer don’t work for any particular company and they don’t need to persuade people.

  1. Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

There are two main reasons why people wear traditional clothes, I suppose. The first reason is they want to preserve the tradition from fading years after years. Besides, some people wear those clothes just simply because they like it. For example, my mother wears aodai, which is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women, to every wedding, because she thinks it suits her and she doesn’t need to spend much time picking different item

  1. Will traditional clothes disappear in the future? Do old people change their style of dressing?

I think the answer is no, at least in Vietnam. Because high school students in Vietnam wear ao dai every monday and it is considered a timeless item which makes a woman look so beautiful and elegant In Vietnam, old people tend to keep their dressing style, which is a pair of long black pants and a long-sleeve loose-fitting T-shirt made of silk.

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