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Describe one of your best friends

Describe one of your best friends” – a familiar topic and often appears in the IELTS Speaking test.

Speaking Part 1 : Close Friend

1. Do you have many close friends?

Yes, I’m quite a sociable person so my circle of friends is pretty large, I suppose. Many of my friends from kindergarten have helped me through thick and thin and I can’t imagine what it would be like without them. 

2. Which do you prefer to spend time with: a friend or spend time alone?

It really depends on the situation I guess. Most of the time, it is great to spend time with friends and share all our ups and downs together. It can be certainly lonely if one can not find his soulmate. Everyone deserves to have someone to share precious moment with. But at times, being by myself helps me to reflect and I don’t mind that at all. 

3. What kind of people do you like to have as friends?

I make friends with the like minded people and I like those with an optimistic attitude. Well, I would say that we live in a hectic world and I don’t want to hang out with those who constantly complain and are cynical. My friends should be uplifting and can channel that positive energy to me.

Speaking Part 2 : Describe one of your best friends

You should say

  • What this person look like
  • When and where you met person
  • What you do when you are together
  • And explain why he/she is your best friend

Sample Answer

I got to talk to about a friends of mine who is also my mother and a person I have known all my life. When it comes to talking about her appearance, she’s in her 50, but she looks young for her age. She’s a passionate home cook who knows a lot of dishes from different cuisines and understands favor combinations. She’s a pastry connoisseur. I often spend time making cakes with Mom. We often look for inspiration and recipes online. Sometimes, we make some modifications to the recipe to suit our taste, such as reducing the amount of sugar. Mum does most of the baking, and I do the clean-up. I’m the first to enjoy the freshly baked goodies. 

The reason I choose to talk about my mum instead of any friends at school is because we spend a lot of time together. With cooking, we had a great bonding time in which I could share what happened in class and ask her for some advice. I can pretty much confide anything with her. Another lesson I learned from my mum is attention to detail because, with baking, miscalculation of any ingredients would lead to disastrous results.

Speaking Part 3 : Follow Question

1. What do you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?

A true friend is someone who is straightforward. It doesn’t have to be harsh when this person comments on your mistake but he or she shouldn’t sugarcoat the problems. Another thing I guess might be extremely important is acceptance. What I mean by this is that a friend should accept me for who I am, yet this person should want me to be a better version of myself.

2. Do adults and children make friends in the same way?

In a sense, yes. Whether adults or children, they have a set of values that they seek in a friend like whether this person is fun to hang out with or not. As a grown up, people can be a little bit more judgemental than a child when it comes to choosing a friend. As for a child, proximity can be a deciding factor for making a friend while an adult can be more active in seeking a new relationship. 

3. Do you think it is impossible to make real friends on the internet?

I wouldn’t say real friendship can not be established via the Internet but I guess people have to be lucky to be able to find a genuine friend on virtual platforms.  I know it doesn’t really matter where people meet, it’s the connection that counts but online, people tend to exaggerate and portrait themselves differently. 

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