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IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 6

IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 6

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IELTS Speaking Essential Words

1. A gap in the market – an opportunity for a product or service that doesn’t already exist
• There is a gap in the market for qualified English teachers

2.An invasion of privacy a situation in which someone tries to find out details about another person’s private life in a way that is illegal or upsetting
• Famous people tend to come across an invasion of privacy quite often.

3.Pay the price – To accept the unpleasant results of what you have done
• If you abuse your body now, you’ll pay the price when you’re older.

4. Off-putting – something that you want to avoid because it is unpleasant and not attractive
• It tasted OK but the smell was a bit off-putting.

5. Get you nowhere – if something gets you nowhere, it doesn’t help you to succeed
•  A negative attitude will get you nowhere.

6. Get away with – to escape blame or punishment when you do something wrong.
• You got lucky when you ran that red light. Next time you might not get away with it.

7. Keep track of – remain fully aware of or informed about.
• Keep track of your expenses for the first three months.

8.Go for a brisk walk – walking quickly and in an energetic way
• I like going for a brisk walk in the morning

9. Notice a marked improvement – very obvious or noticeable improvement
• I noticed a marked improvement on my speaking performance.

10.A matter of confidence/money/practice/time – If something is a matter of confidence/ luck/ waiting etc., that is what you need for it to happen
• Language learning is a matter of hard work


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