Discussion essay sample #1 ielts writing task 2

Some people believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoos, while others think that zoos are both entertaining and ecologically important. 

Discuss both views.

In this modern world, perspectives of how to keep animals are varied between people. Some people think about caging them in zoos or forests while others think it is illogical to limit animals’ movements. I am going to discuss these views according to environmental, personal and economic perspectives.

Keeping some animals in zoos will protect them against predators, bad weather, and food availability. Nevertheless, keeping animals free is more logical than isolating them because if we keep animals caged, they would not be able to have fresh air and chase other animals. Therefore, it is cruel keeping animals confined in small spaces. It is advisable to put our efforts into keeping our creatures in their natural habitats, in order to give them the opportunity to experience normal life.

Keeping animals is essential because some animals are in fact becoming extinct. Although keeping these animals is costly, the profits made by keeping these animals are substantial. Take Indian lions for example; a wide range of people travel to India to see these animals in circuses in India. However, some people think that governments should invest the money in improving the infrastructure of their nations instead. Building new electrical power station, for instance, is more important than spending thousands of pounds to preserve certain creatures from extinction.

Lastly, keeping animals is important for study and research whereas others think we have no right to use animals for entertainment and in labs.

To conclude, keeping animals in zoos might have many values but it is irrational to keep these animals away from their natural habitat. The reasons are that besides they are not vulnerable creatures, they have the right to survive independently because of having feelings and emotions as human.

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