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Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good?

Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good?

Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Sample Answer 1:

Nowadays, the advancement of technology is considered to affect people’s daily life by many factors. I believe the existence of technological advances cause both advantages and disadvantages.

The technological advancement can make people to depend on it. It helps people in working or to communicate with others. For example, people will certainly bring their mobile phones whenever they go to call and text or work with others. By bringing their gadget or other electronic devices, people do not need to stay at their work place with their partner to work instead they can work using their electronic devices. Electronic devices help people with their job more easily and conveniently.

On the other hand, it may bring harm to people if they use electronic devices too often and really depends on it. Firstly, many children spends most of their time on using a mobile phone to play video games which spoil their eyes, in result, many of them use spectacles at a young age. Secondly, people who get used with electronic devices will be lazy and constantly making use of their phone in every purpose. For instance, they would prefer to use their electronic devices to communicate rather than meet face-to-face. Electronic devices could make a bad habit for people if they misuse it.

In conclusion, despite the development of technology provides us convenience in working, it causes more harm than the benefit. People will end up in getting lazy and spoil their eyes at a young age due to engage electronic devices in their daily life inevitably.

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Sample Answer 2:

The 20th century has come along with the new developments in the field of IT and computers, which are beyond our wildest expectations. These enhancements have passed on a plethora of benefits to mankind, which have made their life more comfortable, however Some of these have some drawbacks as well. The essay will throw light on both of these aspects and it will be summarised with a conclusion.

The most prominent advantage is the introduction of lightning-fast means of communication called the Internet, which has summarised the whole world on a computer or mobile phone. In other words, if you have to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, one has to press a button on it and this initiates the video calling, hence there is no need to write a letter and wait for its reply. As per reports from Postal India, for instance, the number of overseas letters has decreased by 90% in the last 2 years, whereas the report from Telecom India say that, the internet traffic has doubled, so this has brought our relatives closer to us. Moreover, the internet has made life more convenient by providing facilities, namely, payment of bills, school fees by sitting at home, so one no longer needs to visit the offices and stand in long queues.

On the other hand, the obvious disadvantage is that, it has made the lifestyle of everyone sedentary, consequently, the physical movement has decreased. With people, spending much more time in front of these devices, they have started to face diseases like obesity, heart attack. For example, in the recent 2 years, the number of deaths due to obesity and heart ailments has increased by 50%. Furthermore, because adolescents are also spending more time on computers, in activities like playing games, chatting on the internet, as a result, their physical activities have reduced, so they are less strong from inside and also have issues related to weak eyesight or lesser immunity.

To conclude, the new facilities have some serious drawbacks, which can not be overlooked. There should be a limit to which it should be used, so that it should not harm one’s health.

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