IELTS Writing by Mat Clark – With more than 100 Essays of the IELTS Examiners in the various sectors evaluate readers are very close compared to the IELTS test.
This textbook has two new basic points:
1. This is the first writing for ielts test have the number of examiners Essays great. Compared with other textbooks, usually only 4 to 6 Essays written by examiners, but in this book – IELTS Writing by Mat Clark, of Essays by the examiners write up to 115 posts.
2. In each essay, the authors also point out to the readers know what these words: academic words in order to achieve high scores. Not stopping there, after each essay, academic Mat Clark paraphrase the words that help readers understand how to use their words and yet equivalent means to avoid repeating words in the article.

Writing Task 1