General 13: clever, clock, closed, clothes, coat

1. clever

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: Quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent.
– Example:
+ she was an extremely clever and studious young woman
+ how clever of him to think of this!
+ How clever of the teacher, she thought, to get us so caught up in manipulating our legs into that position so that we were quiet for her for a little while.
+ As far as the local cat population in Elstow is concerned, how clever of them to wait until Mr Suter is away on holiday before they decide to devastate his garden.
+ As you may have gathered, fairies are among the most powerful and clever of species.
+ How clever of Dobbies to fly him in to its biggest centres to meet his devotees.
+ He was of sturdy stock and clever of mind that saw him later in his career in the command of a privateer.
+ Pretension was compounded by the most clever of the cultured barbarians who pretended to be above it all.
+ And how clever of them to choose an author who is so wildly popular with the young.

2. clock

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A mechanical or electrical device for measuring time, indicating hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds by hands on a round dial or by displayed figures.
– Example:
+ the church clock struck four
+ He checked the cuckoo clock on the wall for the time and it was only nine twenty-five.
+ Katrina reached across the bed and turned the clock on the nightstand.
+ I looked at the clock on the VCR and rubbed the end of my eye.
+ He watched the ticking on his bedside clock until the minute hand felt more like the hour hand.
+ The clock on the mantelpiece shows the time to be 11 am.
+ Some people find that a ticking clock in the room helps.
+ A good example of a no UI solution is setting the clock on a VCR.
+ As soon as darkness was complete, Olivia looked to the clock beside her bed.

3. closed

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: Not open.
– Example:
+ rooms with closed doors lined the hallway
+ he sat with his eyes closed
+ The musician works alone behind the closed door and within formidable soundproof walls.
+ I walked into my house and leaned up against the closed door shaking my head.
+ Eve lay down and closed her eyes, but behind her closed lids, her mind was a flurry of activity.
+ Glancing around, she opened the closed door and stared at the chest of drawers in front of her.
+ She remained on the bed, eyes tightly closed, awful ideas swimming around her head.
+ Policemen stood guard behind the closed doors and no one else was allowed to enter the building.
+ Jane looked up from her book, checked her watch, and looked at the closed door.

4. clothes

– Part Of Speech: plural_noun
– Meaning: Items worn to cover the body.
– Example:
+ he stripped off his clothes
+ baby clothes
+ Try on jackets and outer garments over the clothes they’ll be worn with.
+ She pulled out the first thing on top of the pile of clothes, a sleeveless baby pink velvety sweater with sequin trim.
+ He asked me why I was wearing boy’s clothes and a baseball cap, and not a dress.
+ The Croydon Symphony Orchestra was at work in informal dress; in shirt-sleeves, jeans and other casual clothes.
+ His face was so pale, and the oil almost covered his body and clothes completely.
+ Meanwhile, the sister is trying to maintain standards and dignity, washing her clothes and covering her body.
+ This could also be a great place to store warm clothes like hats, gloves, scarves and boots.

5. coat

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An outer garment with sleeves, worn outdoors and typically extending below the hips.
– Example:
+ a winter coat
+ Evie went to grab her blue coat in the closet and ran to the car with her mom.
+ We wore our winter coats and stuffed our pockets with what little bread we had left.
+ The whole way back home, I kept wiping my mouth with the sleeve of my coat.
+ Mr. Walker pulled a pair of mittens out of his coat pocket and handed them to me.
+ A black blazer replaced his winter coat and he wore sunglasses instead of his helmet.
+ She held her coat tighter around her, her light curls bobbing slightly in the wind.
+ He wore a black leather trench coat over a pressed white dress shirt and black pants.
+ He got so that he was scared of falling asleep, so he’d go downstairs to the living-room instead, with a winter coat on over his pyjamas.

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