General word 4: bathroom,beach,beautiful,because,bed

1. bathroom

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A room containing a bath or shower and typically also a washbasin and a toilet.
– Example:

+ The first double bedroom has a timber floor and en suite bathroom with corner bath.
+ There will be eight single bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage rooms, offices, staff areas, a lounge, kitchen and dining room.
+ One of the bathrooms has a bath with shower attachment and brass fittings, while the other has a step-in electric shower and airing cupboard.
+ To the left is the family bathroom which has a bath, wash basin, toilet and tiled wall and floor.
+ The journey from after dinner play up to the bathroom and into the bath is getting rough.
+ A pine ceiling is a feature of the kitchen, while the family bathroom has a bath and shower.
+ At the rear are the marble bathrooms with their free-standing baths and the added bonus of underfloor heating.
+ All the bedrooms and studies and sitting rooms were of Chinese style while the dining rooms, lounges and bathrooms were Western.
+ The main bathroom has a bath with separate shower cubicle and a polished wooden floor.

2. beach

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks.
– Example:

+ fabulous sandy beaches
+ Lazy summer days are made to be spent on the gravel flats and sandy beaches along Northern California’s Russian River.
+ Every so often I notice a fireworks display off in the distance; sometimes near the East River, sometimes near the Brooklyn beaches.
+ We did try and glimpse it through the launderette windows, but unfortunately we’d spent too long walking along the pebbly beach, and it was closed.
+ Our adventure recon to Madagascar turns up virgin rivers, ivory beaches, and limitless possibilities.
+ On clean surf beaches, also look for deeper gullies that tend to run parallel with the shore.
+ Transfers between islands are by motorized canoes piloted by native guides; most nights are spent camping on empty sand beaches.
+ The big, big, wide sands of Blackpool beach have been awarded a blue flag by the important people in charge of Britain’s beaches.
+ This can be key if you’re fishing shallow water on the East Coast beaches.

3. beautiful

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
– Example:

+ beautiful poetry
+ a beautiful young woman
+ The next day, our last in the mountains, we wake to a truly beautiful sunrise over Syria.
+ How can we make things beautiful, attractive and desirable for us when they are not?
+ Her face wouldn’t be called beautiful, but she was cute enough for men to want to date her.
+ The huge metal structure that rises from the ground is at once beautiful and disturbing.
+ Hollywood loves a beautiful actress who is willing to sacrifice her glamour for her art.
+ I did get to walk on the beach at night and it was as beautiful as I was expecting it to be.
+ They are all prepared by hand and are a work of art, almost too beautiful to eat.

4. because

– Part Of Speech: conjunction
– Meaning: For the reason that; since.
– Example:

+ we did it because we felt it our duty
+ just because I’m inexperienced doesn’t mean that I lack perception
+ The reason the party is in this mess is because it has not been honest with the voters.
+ We are not going to take them down because if we take them down we will be letting our kids down.
+ The reason for this is because they had been trying for a baby for the last few years.
+ We as adults do not lash out at one another just because we don’t do as each other wants.
+ He did not appear at the hearing but said he did not pay because the firm could not afford it.
+ We were at a loss because if we had known how to obtain a disc, we would have done so.
+ It will take so long because the site has a slope and the ground needs to be levelled.

5. bed

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress.
– Example:

+ a large double bed
+ she was in bed by nine
+ There are 20 bedrooms, each furnished with antiques and extremely comfortable beds.
+ I was going to go back to bed this morning but I didn’t feel tired.
+ The bed was the largest piece of furniture in the room and stood against the south wall, opposite the door.
+ Not wanting to go back to sleep, she slipped out of bed, and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.
+ The bed was made neatly, and a few articles of clothing were strewn across the floor.
+ I have a small cell with a single bed, and there’s a sink, a bookshelf, a little stool and somewhere to store underclothes.
+ The alarm frightened the sleep out of me; I dragged myself out of bed, and got my guests into the car.

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