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IELTS forecast in Jan – Mar 2021

To be well-prepared for the IELTS test (both IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training Module), you can practice these topics at home before sitting the IELTS Speaking/Writing test. We will try to update these topics weekly.

I. IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

Topic 1: Nowadays, not enough students choose science subjects in university in many countries. What are the reasons for this problem? What are the effects on the society?

Topic 2: University students always focus on one specialist subject, but some people think universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjects in addition to their own subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Topic 3: Some people think young people should go to university to further their education while others think they should been encouraged to work as car mechanics or builders etc. to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Topic 4: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female study in every subject. Do you agree or disagree。

Topic 5: Nuclear energy is a better choice for meeting increasing demand, agree or disagree?

Topic 6: Economic progress is one way to measure the success of one country, while some people think there are other factors. What other factors should be considered? Within these factors, do you think anyone is more important than the others?

Topic 7: Most countries want to improve standard of living through economic development,however, others think social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

Topic 8: Some people think that zoos are cruel and all the zoos should be closed. However,other people think that zoos are useful to protect the rare animals. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Topic 9: Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual people to address. We have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environment to address it at an international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Topic 10: Some people think they have right to use as much freshwater as they want. Others believe governments should tightly control the use of fresh water as it is limited resource. Discuss both views and give your option.

Topic 11: With the development of technology and science, some people believe that there is no great value of artists such as musicians and painters. What are the things artists can do but the scientist cannot? Why should we encourage the art area?

Topic 12: Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security. Others think that people cannot expect to enjoy a job and having a permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Topic 13: Countries with a long average working time are more economically successful than those countries which do not have a long working time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Topic 14: Many people believe that counties should produce food for all population eats and import food as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Topic 15: Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to learn about other countries, but other people think that it is not necessary to travel abroad because all the information can be seen at TV and the internet. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

Topic 16: Throughout the history, people dream to build a perfect society while they haven’t agreed how the ideal society would be like. What is the most important element you think to make a perfect society? How do people do to achieve an ideal society?

Topic 17: Some people believe that in order to give opportunities to new generation companies should encourage high level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?Why?

Topic 18: Today’s parents spend too little time staying with their children and use television to make their children keep quiet. Explain the reason and results by using your relevant experience.

Topic 19: Charities and organizations always give special names to particular days such as ‘National Children’s Day’ and ‘National Non-smoking Day’. What are the causes of these particular days? How effective are they?

Topic 20: It is suggested that all the young adults should undertake a period of unpaid work helping people in the community. Does it bring more benefits or drawbacks to the community and the young people?

II. IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Picnics

  • Do you like picnics?
  • How often do you go on picnics?
  • When was the last time you went on a picnic?

2. Clothes

  • What colour do you like to wear?
  • Do you people in your country like to wear bright colour?
  • What are the differences between men and women’s preference in colour?
  • What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
  • What kind of clothes do you never wear?
  • Do you wear the same style of clothes on weekdays and weekends?
  • Do you wear the same clothes at school, at work and at home?
  • Will you change your clothes when you get home today?
  • Did you have any special clothes to wear when you were a child?

3. Handwriting

  • What impression does a person’s handwriting have on other people?
  • Can we tell someone’s personality from their Hand writing?
  • Do you usually write by hand or write using a computer?
  • Nowadays, how do most people write things?
  • Do you often write with a pen?
  • What is difference between writing with a pen and typing on a computer?
  • Do you thing Hand writing is important nowadays?
  • Do you thing computers might one day replace Hand writing?
  • When you children begin to write in your country?
  • How did you learn to write?
  • How can children today improve their handwriting?
  • Do you like writing things when you were a child?
  • Is your handwriting easy to read for other people?

4. Concentration

  • When is it hard to concentrate?
  • What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?
  • In what situation do you need to concentrate?
  • When do you need to be focused?
  • What do you do to improve concentration?
  • Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?

5. Making lists

  • Do you make a list when you shop?
  • Do you make a list for your work? Does it work?
  • Why don’t some people like making lists?

6. Recyling

  • Can you name products or materials that are commonly recycled?
  • Why have people’s attitudes towards recycling changed over the last several years?
  • Do you think recycling is important?

7. Sport

  • Do you like sport?
  • Do most people in your country like sport?
  • What sports do you like?
  • What sports do people in your country like to play?
  • What was your favourite sport when you were young?
  • Did you any sports when you were young?
  • What kind of exercises do you do?
  • What kinds of exercises are popular in your country?
  • Do you like extreme sports?
  • Who is your favourite sports star?

8. Weekends

  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What do you usually do at weekends?
  • Do you think it is important to make the most of your weekend?

9. Changes

  • What do you plan to change next year?
  • Do you like changes?
  • Are there any changes in your hometown?
  • Have you changed a lot since your childhood?

10. Funitures

  • Do you have a lot of furniture at home?
  • Have you ever received furniture as a gift?
  • What’s your favorite furniture?

III. IELTS Speaking Part 2/Part 3

1. Describe a short- term job you’d like to do un a foreign country

You should say:

  • What type of work you would like to do there
  • What country you’d like to work in
  • Why you would like to work in this country

Part 3: working abroad

2. Describe a prize that you want to win

You should say:

  • What the prize is
  • What you need to do to get it
  • How you know about it
  • Why you want it

Part 3: rewards

3. Describe a family (not your own) that you like

You should say:

  • Whose family this is
  • Where they live
  • Who are the family members
  • Why you like this family

Part 3: parent and grandparent

4. Describe an area of science that interest you

You should say:

  • What science it is
  • How you got interested in it
  • How you learn this science
  • Why this science is interesting to you

Part 3: science

5. Describe a good decision you mage recently

You should say:

  • What the decision was and how you made it When you made it
  • Why it was a good decision
  • How you felt about

Part 3: making and advice

6. Describe a book you read that you found useful

You should say:

  • What the book is and what it is about
  • Why you read it
  • When you read it
  • Why you think it’s useful

Part 3: reading

7. Describe a time when you received good news

You should say:

  • What this news was
  • When and where you heard it
  • Why you think it was good news

Part 3: news

8. Describe an intelligent person you know

You should say:

  • Who this person is how know this person
  • What this person knows about
  • Why you think this person is intelligent
  • What you learned from them

Part 3: intelligent

9. Describe a photo of you that you like

You should say:

  • Where it was taken
  • When it was taken
  • How it was taken
  • How you felt about the photo

Part 3: photos

10. Describe a person who you think this person is helpful

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • How this person helps you
  • Why you think this person is helpful

11.Describe an activity you enjoy doing occasionally that is a bit expensive

You should say:

  • What activity it is
  • When and where you do this
  • Who you do it with
  • Why you enjoy doing it

Part 3: expensive things, money

12.Describe an interesting tradition in your country

You should say:

  • What the tradition is
  • When you celebrate it
  • How you celebrate it
  • Why it is interesting

Part 3: traditional festival

13.Describe an ambition you have had for a long time

You should say:

  • What the goal is
  • What you will do to achieve it
  • When you will achieve it

Part 3: ambitions

14.Describe the first time when you used a foreign language to communicate

You should say:

  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Who you talked to
  • How you felt about the conversation

Part 3: language

15.Describe an occasion when you forgot something important

You should say:

  • What you forgot
  • Why you forgot it
  • When it was
  • How you felt

Part 3: forgetting things, memory

16.Describe an energetic person you know
17.Music you did not like
18.Describe a conversation topic that you were not interested in
19.Describe a project or some work that you did with others as a member of a
20.Film that made you laugh


  1. What about the July predictions for general test ? Any idea please lemme know . Any idea about writing and speaking section?

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