IELTS Speaking BAND 8: Your favorite flower

Describe your favorite flower.

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where it is grown
  • If it is common in your country

And explain why it is your favorite flower.

Band 8 Sample

Today I’m going to talk about one of the most popular kinds of flower in the whole world and also my favorite one, which is the rose. I first learned about this beautiful flower over 20 years ago when my mother told me about it.

With regards to its appearance, roses are a kind of small flower that can be found in almost all markets and supermarkets around the whole world. Usually, the roots of old rose bushes would dig very deep into the ground. The rose stem is small and thin but quite hard to break. From this part, a number of leaves grow as the plant starts to reach its maturity. In addition to this, touching the stem of roses can be quite painful sometimes as many rose species have sharp thorns on their body as a tool to protect them from predators. On top of this plant lies a part called the petal, from which the bud would rise and then turn into a very beautiful flower when the blooming season arrives.

In the past, most roses around the world were only red, but now, thanks to the development of agricultural technology, people have been able to create roses in a wide range of colors, such as purple, yellow, white and so on. As I mentioned above, this flower is a common favorite on a global scale since it has always been considered as the symbol of love. Besides that, roses have also been mentioned in several literary works, songs and movies.

As for myself, I usually give roses as a kind of gift for the people I love on some special days like their birthdays. Also, I have planted some roses in my garden and hope that in the future, I’ll be able to start my own business selling these flowers.