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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Colours & Headphones

IELTS Speaking Part 1

Topic: Colours

1. What’s your favourite colour?

I love the color blue because it stands for pacifism and love, which are my principles in life. Besides, when I look at the color, I can imagine I was on a beach, isolated from the rest of the world where I can’t be found, chilling with a cocktail in hand and feeling the cool breeze cảessing my face. That’s why I tend to choose blue for my furniture and clothes.

2. What’s the colour you dislike? Why?

There are two colors I will likely avoid wearing. They are white and red. To me, white is without flaw and pretty boring because it leaves no highlights when people look at it. In fact, the majority of us wouldn’t like anything too flawless. In contrast, red seems to stand out of the crowd but it may be too irritating for my eyes when seeing it. It not only makes me feel hot mentally, it also reminds me of blood and the mournful war history of my people.

3. What colours do your friend like most?

I’m not so sure about this question because I never asked them nor noticed their clothing styles. I don’t think such matters are really important for me to draw any attention.

4. What colour makes you uncomfortable in your room?

Once again I have to say I dislike white and I never want my room to be covered in white. That colour is too boring for me to apply on the room’s wall. You know scientists have proved that seeing white colour too often can cause stress and even lead to many serious mental issues so actually white is only used by the police for interrogation purposes only.

Topic: Headphones

1. Do you use headphones?

No, I don’t use them often because they are too big and quite uncomfortable. Besides I always move around in my work so I don’t think headphones are quite convenient to bring along.

2. What type of headphones do you use?

I prefer using small Bluetooth earphones which are light, small enough for me to easily carry away. Another advantage is that it’s cheaper for a Bluetooth earphones set compared to a giant pair of headphones.

3. When would you use headphones?

I would use my earphones to enjoy some music during my workout session because the EDM beats give me energy and motivation to push and pull harder. Besides when I need to work, I will put on my earphones and play some instrumental music to concentrate better.

4. In what conditions, you won’t use headphones?

I will never use my earphones when I am talking to someone. You know, earphones are great when it comes to work concentration but will be an impolite aspect when having a conversation with someone. Wearing earphones while talking to a colleague or a business partner in person will be seen as disrespectful, according to my boss.


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