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IELTS Speaking Part 1: TOPIC ART

TOPIC ART (Band 8)

1, Do you like art? (Why?)

Yes without a shadow of a doubt. I have always learned about art since I was in secondary school. Art is quite an abstract field to many people but in my viewpoint, art is something simple but beautiful and anything can be considered as art. That is the reason why I never take small things in daily life for granted.

2, How often do you visit art galleries?

Unfortunately, despite my grand passion for art, I rarely go to art galleries. It’s because art exhibitions usually take place in big cities far from my hometown and ticket fees are too expensive for me.

3, What kinds of things do you like to draw?

Well, in all fairness, I would probably say nature. Generally, people face difficulty drawing people and there is no exception for me. I am much better at drawing natural scenery than human shapes so most of my paintings are trees, flowers, and animals.  

4, What kind of paintings do you like having in your home?

Let me think about that. If I owned a house in the near future, I would definitely hang up my paintings all over my house as if my house was an art gallery. Besides, it will be a great idea if I can afford authentic paintings by well-known artists. This can somehow satisfy my great love for art and painting collection is an ideal hobby as well.


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