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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Photography

Topic: Photography

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking photographs?

Answer: The primary advantage of taking photographs is that it helps us preserve the memories of both of our good times and “not-so” good times. By taking photographs, we can also establish a truth, especially, in situations where people are “maligned” unfairly. Besides, when choosing it as a “hobby”, we can always enjoy having a good time with our cameras by taking pictures of different “good” things randomly that we really like.

Among the disadvantages, sometimes, you might get so obsessed with photography that you forget to live and enjoy your life in the present moment. Besides, depending on the photographs in order to get the whole picture about a person or a situation can be misleading at times.

2. How has modern technology changed the way we take photographs?

Answer: Technology, especially in the form of digital photography, has made taking photographs way more easy today than at any other time in the history of photography.  With the digital camera, today we have more opportunities to take the photo from any location, distance and angle, take as many photos as we want, view them instantly, process it and then share it more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Besides, because of technology, messy and unnecessary paper prints are becoming more and more obsolete as there are many other ways to view photographs today.

3. How has sharing photographs changed since your grandparents’ time?

Answer: Photographs sharing have changed very significantly since our grandparents’ time for better, of course. Back in our grandparents’ time, we used to rely either on postal mails and other forms of “human courier” which would take days and weeks to share the photographs, sometimes damaged because of bad weather, with our families and loves ones. But, today, we can share our pictures “intact” with anybody in the world in the blink of an eye, courtesy to the internet and computer technology. Besides, unlike during our grandparents’ time, we save our photographs on computers and “cloud servers”, for sharing purposes instead of a paper-based, and physical photo albums.

4. How well do photographs capture special moments?

Answer: How well photographs capture special moments entirely depends on the skill level of the photographers as well as the “environment” in which the photographs are being taken. However, with the digital technologies, we have today, as well as with the many advanced university photography courses, it is fair to assume that photographs manage to capture special moments rather nicely. And, its proofs can be found in many “extra-ordinary” photographs that we see today in our daily life on different print media and picture galleries. People who are on the photo or had been present in an event where the photographs were taken can get back to the memory lane and cherish the moment once more.

5. Do you think that people nowadays spend too much time taking photographs? Why?

Answer: If you are asking about the ‘social media’ generation, who are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagrams pretty much 24/7, then the answer is that they do spend a lot of time in taking photographs of virtually anything and everything in order to share them with their friends and families on the internet. But, outside of this social media generation who are glued to the internet 24/7, I don’t really see that many people are spending much time in taking photographs unless, of course, there is a very valid reason to do so.  

6. Why do you think people photograph themselves?

Answer: Well, people choose to photograph themselves for several reasons. First, they probably can’t really rely on the “skills” of other people as they believe in their own skills. Secondly, taking photographs of one’s own has become really, really easy with smartphones and other advanced digital cameras and “selfie” is a modern craze popular among the young generation. Finally, some people photograph themselves because they don’t have any other people or expert photographers around them to take their pictures at some special moments.


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