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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Reading Book

Topic: Reading Book

Speaking Part 2: Describe the book you read that you found useful

  1. What are the types of books that young people like to read?

Well, that’s hard to say because the choice of genre can vary from person to person. Just a guess, I think youngsters tend to prefer self-help books. You know, that type of book often interests young people because it gives them lessons to solve different problems in life, or just teach them a useful skill. Novels can be considered to be another choice of many young people to read for pleasure.

  1. What’s the difference between the reading habits of old people and young people?

Well, I suppose that old people can only read and get a small amount of information at a time, so they lean towards reading newspapers or magazines. Also, the elderly tend to make it a habit. I mean, they have their preferable time to read books. As for youngsters, they can read anytime they want and they read a variety of genres. Additionally, young people may find it interesting to read books that allow them to learn, to think and to imagine.

  1. What’s the difference between paper books and e-books?

Of course you can hold a printed book and turn its pages, which is not the case with electronic ones. Some people may find it easier to read paper books because there is less eye strain than when gluing your eyes in a phone or computer screen to read e-books. However, I must say that ebooks come with more flexibility. You know, everyone can read books on portable devices without having to carry so many books around. What’s more, e-books are usually less expensive than paper books.

  1. Some people say that it is easier for children who start reading from a young age to succeed, do you agree?

I suppose so. Well, I reckon that children’s intellectual abilities develop much faster when they read at a young age. Besides, kids are always curious and eager to learn from things around. Therefore, starting reading at that time may help them acquire knowledge better and enhance their cognitive potential.


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