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IELTS Speaking Practice : Topic A Goal You Want To Achieve

In this post, we discuss about “Topic A Goal You Want To Achieve” with sample answers.

Speaking Part 1

1. What is your biggest goal in life?

My biggest goal in life is to write a book. All my childhood, I’ve read books and fallen in love with Enid Blyton’s characters. I’ve laughed, cried, and even got angry with the characters. So, I want to be able to create a world like what she had made for me.

2. Have you set any short-term goals for yourself?

Yes, I am a planner, and I always try to plan out my future to know I am on the right track. My short-term goal would be to write in magazines. Since I want to write a book, I thought that my first step towards it would be to write in magazines and get recognized by people before I publish my book.

3. How do you plan to achieve your biggest goal?

For starters, I am beginning to make a plan right now. I write down the character names, how I want them to be, how they would look. I even write down how the world inside my book would be. I build every character with a lot of detail so that it makes the story writing easier. I have a huge file dedicated to it all that every time I look at it, it gives me so much hope and joy.

4. What are your financial goals?

I don’t think I am old enough to have financial goals yet. But I know that when I start earning, I would at least save 10% of my savings to use them in emergencies.

5. Do you think you are successful?

No, I don’t think I am successful just yet. But I believe that I am a hard worker, and I will work hard towards success. One day, I hope I would be able to say that I am successful.

Speaking Part 2: Cue card

Describe something that you would like to succeed in doing in the near future.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How difficult you think it will be?
  • What you should do to prepare for this?
  • And explain why you want to succeed in doing this.

Sample Answer

Well, when it comes to my business life, my work and career, I am still contemplating my options. But right now, the real problem for me is getting married.

It is very hard to find a suitable match because I cannot please everybody. I must think about what my family wants, what the world around me would be pleased with, and the last person on the list to worry about is me. It will take a lot of searching and focus. In my life, my schedule seldom permits free time, much less time to date, and I am often too shy to begin from scratch. I do not have many close friends, and those that I do have are either married or do not make a very good match for me. An extra difficulty is that I am not too good at the whole parents-in-law situation; I would find myself quite unhappy with this traditional way of living. Many Chinese must “put up” with their  husband or wife, and also their parents and relatives, and must receive critiquing or judgment from all sides. I do not want to live this way. and I don’t want a partner that I must “put up with”. I want to have love in my life.

But traditions are traditions, and I must follow some kind of pattern. Thus, my first step might be to ask my parents and my aunt and uncle to look for a suitable partner for me. Then we can begin by writing each other, and when we feel we have enough common ground, we can arrange a meeting.

Vocabulary For Speaking part 2

  • Contemplating: Thinking
    Ex: Simon was contemplating his future
  • Seldom: Not often
    Ex: She seldom met her grandma
  • Scratch: A slight cut
    Ex: The cat just scratched the kid
  • Critiquing: Appraise critically
    Ex: “Could you please critique this performance?”
  • Arrange: Putting something in a proper or systematic manner
    Ex: “Could you please arrange the chairs for me ?”
  • Tradition: A specific practice of long-standing
    Ex: Different communities have different traditions

Follow Question : Part 3

1. How would you define success?

Hmm, there are so many ways to define it. I believe success is feeling my life is worth living and being a good person to those around me. If I have a partner, or children, or relatives dependent on me, I would consider it a success if I were able to provide them with a good life style and everything they need. Success would mean my reputation as a good person travels ahead of me. It would mean I would have a goal and hope for life, and would stand out amongst others.

2. Do you think most people want to succeed in life?

I would imagine they do. But as I said, there are many ways to define success, it is the inborn desire of a human to want to be the best they could be, to want more. Everybody wants life to be worthwhile, they want their husband or wife to be proud of them, they want their children to admire them, and they want a sense of fulfillment. It’s natural.

3. When do most people want to be successful ?

Well I would say it’s after they realize that life is a struggle and that they must make it on their own. When we are young we can depend on others and do not feel the need to make something of ourselves. It’s when the pressure kicks in and the understanding comes to us that we find we must choose for ourselves whether we will be happy or sad. a success or a failure. When we grow up and are more mature, we begin to have others depend on us, looking to us, and we feel the responsibility to do our part in the world.

4. What kind of success is most important to Chinese people?

Well, originally it was about being a good provider for one’s family, finding one’s children a good husband or wife, having enough land to live off.  But now that China is much more open, people begin to feel success is about milking enough money to never have to worry about anything. It’s also about giving that feeling of relaxed and easy living to their children. Get them into the best school, buy them a house so they don’t have to work, hand life to them on a silver platter. This is beginning to be the image of success, and the people of this country are bombarded with advertisements, movies and pictures of the easy life, the rich and famous, and they feel this is the only way to succeed. I myself feel that it has its downsides, and must really consider what I want for my life.

5. Do you think that successful people are always happier than unsuccessful people?

Again, this depends on your idea of success. But whatever it means to a person, if they are dissatisfied with the cards they are dealing with and do not realize they can determine their success, then yes, I imagine they are no happy at all. But sometimes. those that we think are successful on the outside, or what we see of them, are not happy, they do not consider their life worth the trouble. So no. I do not think “successful” people are always happier than “unsuccessful’ people.


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