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IELTS Speaking : Topic Shopping with native speaker

Topic Shopping with native speaker

Common questions

Part 1 – How do you feel about shopping?
Part 1 – What types of shops do you use regularly?
Part 2 – Describe your favourite shop.
Part 3 – Why do you think some people purchase things that they do not need?
Part 3 – To what extent do you think advertising affects the way people shop?
Part 3 – How have shopping habits changed over recent years?

Vocabulary and expressions

  • Window shopping (n) – looking at goods in shop windows without intending to buy any of them.
    I love to go window shopping in my free time.
  • Shop around (pv) – to compare price and quality of items before deciding on one.
    I tend to shop around for expensive items such as home appliances.
  • Exorbitant (adj) – too expensive.
    The price of phones nowadays is exorbitant!
  • Impulse buy (n) – something that you buy suddenly and without thinking carefully.
    My new watch was an impulse buy. I really regret it now!
  • Shopping spree (n) – buy a lot of things in a short period of time.
    Last weekend, I went on a shopping spree and spent all my pocket money.
  • Shopaholic (n) – a person who enjoys shopping very much and does it a lot.
    My friend is a shopaholic and goes shopping at least three times a week.
  • Knock-down price (phr) – a price much lower than it would be normally.
    I try to get most items at a knock-down price.
  • Haggle (v) – negotiating or arguing over the price of something.
    I hate haggling at the market!
  • Brick-and-mortar store (n) – the physical store (rather than online).
    I prefer to go to a proper brick-and-mortar store rather than buy online.
  • Top-notch (adj) – excellent.
    I bought a top-notch watch at the weekend

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