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IELTS Writing Task 2: : Government spending (Discuss Both Views)

Some people believe that the care of elderly people should be a priority of government spending. Others believe that government spending should focus more on young people, especially on their education.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While some people believe that governments should make the care of the elderly generation a priority, others feel that it is the youth and their education that should be prioritised. I believe that both aspects of society deserve an equal amount of attention from governments, however families must also take a large proportion of responsibility for both these issues..

Firstly, governments most definitely need to provide a certain level of care for the elderly generation of their country. These are the people who spent their lives helping build their country and its economy to make it a better place for those who come after them. Without the hard work of those citizens, the country would not be where it is today, and therefore they should be taken care of to a certain extent, including free healthcare and discounted medicine. However, families must also take responsibility for the care of the elderly, as the government cannot be fully responsible for every old person. Just as parents care for and nurture their young when they are helpless, adult children must also care for their parents and grandparents when they are old, sick, and dying.

On the other hand, the needs of the younger generation of a country are just as important as those of the elderly, as they will be the backbone of a country’s economy in the future, and therefore the government must invest in their health and education to make sure the country continues to develop and prosper in the future with an intelligent and healthy population. However, the government cannot be fully responsible for the health and education of young people. Parents and communities must also take a certain level of responsibility to ensure that children are well-educated, and that they grow up with morals and contribute to their society and country in an ethical and positive manner.

In conclusion, I believe that governments need to focus equally on the younger and older generations, however it is the equal responsibility of governments, parents, families, and communities to ensure that young and old are both looked after.


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