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IELTS Writing Task 2:: Work ( Opinion Essay)

Today social skills are being more and more emphasized by employers. Some people believe that social skills are important besides good qualifications for their job success.

Sample Answer:

These days, a growing number of recruiters are targeting applicants with good people skills as many people believe that they are just as important as formal qualifications. In my opinion, I firmly agree that possessing good social skills, apart from academic skills, can give people an edge in advancing their career.

Undeniably, formal qualifications play a critical role in one’s career because they are generally good indicators of a person’s capability and specialized knowledge. In fact, all employers treasure the intellectual power of their employees, as it is a valuable asset that can help a company thrive. This is particularly true for works that involve in-depth research and development such as information technology, computer science, and medicine. Without technical knowledge, a person stands little chance of being hired, let alone getting a promotion.

However, having only stellar credentials does not always guarantee one’s career success. In this modern society, people rarely work individually and often need to rely on others to get the best result. For that reason, people who have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate are more likely to build good relations with their colleagues and perform better at work. In contrast, those who lack such critical skills may suffer from isolation or miscommunication and trigger conflict among workers, hindering the overall working process. In short, people who possess good communication skills can often gain the love and trust of their co-workers, and stand a higher chance of climbing the career ladder. 

In conclusion, I believe that social skills have a strong correlation with career success as they can not only help a person integrate but also facilitate their working process.


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