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IELTS Writing Actual Test 12/10/2019 (Animal rights)

Task 1

The chart below shows the number of car trips taken by men and women for different purposes per day in a European city. 

Sample Answer:

The bar chart illustrates how many car trips are made per day by males and females for various reasons in a European city. 

Overall, the most number of trips by car for both men and women are made for commuting to and from work and for shopping. In contrast, the least number of trips made by both genders is for eating out. 

In terms of males, about 180 trips are made for travelling to and from work, compared to approximately 140 trips per day for shopping. In contrast, only 20 trips are for visiting friends and 15 trips for eating out. The number of car trips made for taking children to school is around 130 per day, which is double that for entertainment purposes, at 65 per day. 

Regarding women, the largest number of trips are made for shopping, at 150, followed by commuting to work, at 130, and taking children to school, at 90. Women make about 50 trips for entertainment purposes, while meeting friends and eating out only make up 25 and 20 trips respectively. 

Task 2

Some people say that it is necessary to use animals for testing medicines intended for human use. Others, however, think it is cruel and unnecessary. 

Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 

Sample Answer:

People have different views about whether animal testing for medical research is necessary or not. From my perspective, animal testing plays an integral role in the medicine industry, in spite of the drawbacks it brings. 

There are two major reasons why some people oppose the idea of using animals for medical experiments. Firstly, it is believed that such experiments are cruel and inhumane, and therefore should be prohibited. Every year, many animals are subjected to medical experimentation and have to suffer physical pain and even deprivation of food and water. Additionally, in order to implement research on animals, large amounts of money are expended on the establishment of facilities and human resources. This can be a burden on a country’s national budget, preventing the government from investing in other more important aspects like education and housing. 

Despite the above mentioned disadvantages, in my opinion, animal testing is necessary. 

Humans are still reliant on animal testing for many purposes, including developing new medications and checking the safety of medical products. In fact, the most powerful supercomputers are currently unable to understand the workings of the human body, and complex organs such as the brain and heart, which is crucial for medical research and development. More importantly, due to biological similarities, medical research needs to be implemented on animals, which will bring about better outcomes in medical research compared to other methods. Over many years, chimpanzees, the closest relatives of humans, have been used to investigate advanced treatments for cancer and heart disease, and until now, there is still no better alternative. 

In conclusion, although animal testing may be cruel and cost a significant amount of money, it still needs to be conducted because of the unique benefits. 


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