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IELTS Writing Education 2 (band 9)

Topic: It is neither possible nor useful for a country to provide university places for a high proportion of young people.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer

There has been a difference of opinions regarding the accessibility of tertiary education to the majority of young people. In my view, dispensing university educational services on such a large scale brings about no practical values to society, and in addition, is rather unfeasible to carry out.

Firstly, widespread entry into university does not seem really useful to a country since it is necessary for the government to take the needs of both the youth and the economy into consideration. In many countries, especially Germany, vocational training has gained more popularity among young people because it enhances employment opportunities as well as job security upon completion. Furthermore, if everyone could gain admittance to college, it would lead to imbalances in the workforce that would greatly damage the economic structure of a country. This is because there is little chance that university graduates would choose blue-collar jobs such as working in factories, over the jobs that they are qualified for.

Secondly, I think that it is impossible to provide almost all young people with access to tertiary education. In Vietnam, the demand for entering college never ceases to grow. This puts the government in a dilemma of whether they should risk allocating their resources and therefore face the possibility of bankruptcy due to exorbitant education costs in many financially independent universities, such as the Foreign Trade University or the National Economics University. Furthermore, it is simply unrealistic for universities to accommodate such a sudden increase in the number of students on campus, not to mention the fact that most departments are currently short-staffed.

In conclusion, I strongly oppose the idea of supplying entry to a high proportion of young people owing

to the arguments presented above.


Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Dispensing university educational services on such a large scale
  2. Enhance employment opportunities as well as job security
  3. Imbalances in the workforce
  4. Exorbitant education costs
  5. Financially independent university


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