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IELTS Writing Sample : Children


Some people say that what children watch on TV influences their behaviour while others say the amount of time children they spend watching Tv influences their behavior.

Discuss both views and give your opinion

Band 8 Sample

Some people suggest that it is not how much time children spend watching television that has an impact on their behaviour, but rather the content of what they watch, while others disagree. Personally, I think both of these factors can have an impact on a child’s behaviour, especially when the two factors are combined.

Firstly, over the last decade or two, there has been a steady increase in the amount of inappropriate content that has been allowed to be televised. Television programmes and commercials these days are full of graphic violence, sex scenes and sexual connotations, amongst other topics that are considered unsuitable for children’s viewing. Even cartoon programmes these days are full of violence. Young children are the most affected by this issue due to the fact that they are still learning and developing ideas about the world. Being exposed to such content can negatively shape their views and personal relationships, and therefore affect their behaviour.

However, not only does the content of what children watch affect their behaviour but also how much time they spend watching television. In most modern societies it is very common for young children to spend hours of their day with their eyes glued to the television screen. Many children watch television as soon as they wake up in the morning and as soon as they come home from school. Many parents even consider the television to be like a baby-sitter, something to keep their children occupied. Unfortunately, this has many detrimental effects on children’s behaviour, the primary reason being that most children suffer from a severe lack of outdoor activity and exercise, which are vital for a child’s well-being and development.

In conclusion, I believe that both what children watch and how much time they spend watching television can impact their behaviour. Governing authorities should consider more stringent regulations when it comes to television programme content and parents need to be more careful about how much time their children spend watching television every day to avoid the negative implications that it can have on their children’s behaviour.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Inappropriate content: Nội dung không phù hợp
  2. Televised: Phát trên TV
  3. Graphic violence, sex scenes and sexual connotations: Hình ảnh bạo lực và tình dục
  4. Unsuitable for children’s viewing: Không phù hợp cho trẻ em
  5. Negatively shape their views: Định hình cái nhìn một cách tiêu cực
  6. Their eyes glued to the television screen: Dính mắt vào màn hình TV
  7. Detrimental effects: Ảnh hưởng xấu
  8. The primary reason: Lý do hàng đầu
  9. A severe lack of outdoor activitiy and exercise: Thiếu hoạt động ngoài trời
  10. Vital for a child’s well-being and development: Cần thiết cho sự phát triển của trẻ
  11. More stringent regulations: Quy định nghiêm ngặt hơn
  12. Avoid the negative implications: Tránh những hệ quả xấu

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