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IELTS Writing Sample : Society (4)


Some people think a job not only provides income but also social life. Others think it is better to develop social life with people you do not work with.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Band 8 Sample

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the impact of their occupation on their personal life, and whether to establish friendships at work or outside of work is still a controversial issue. My view is that work can be an ideal breeding ground for social relationships.

Firstly, it is obvious that social connections at work can be fostered when there are shared interests between colleagues. To be more specific, most workers are motivated by money, and therefore, they share the same goal. This shows that through work, staff can bond together over a shared interest. Based on that, they can build up a mutual understanding of one another and gradually enhance their relationship.

Moreover, long hours in the workplace can result in improved bonding between workers. For example, many Japanese office workers spend up to 8 to 10 hours per day at their company together. During that time, they are successfully able to cultivate friendship which helps to improve not only their mood and outlook at work but also their performance.

This is not to say that socialising outside of work is not beneficial. Of course, when making friends from different walks of life outside of the workplace, people can gain a greater perspective and thus become a more well-rounded individual. However, building relationships after working hours seems somewhat impossible since the time available is limited. In my opinion, friendship at work is easier to maintain compared with outside acquaintances.

To conclude, the workplace can definitely bring many great social opportunities. The public therefore should start to consider companies and corporations more than just places to make a living.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Establish friendship
  2. An ideal breeding ground for social relationships
  3. Bond together over a shared interest
  4. A mutual understanding
  5. Improve not only their mood and outlook at work but also their performance
  6. Gain a greater perspective and thus become a more well-rounded person

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