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IELTS Writing Task 2: Linking Words Practice

Linking words are an essential part of your IELTS Writing Task 2 essay and fall under the marking criterion of Coherence & Cohesion, which counts for 25% of your task 2 marks. This lesson will allow you to test yourself with the correct use of linking words.

The topic is about “Celebrities”. This topic has appeared a number of times in the IELTS Writing Task 2 this year and is guaranteed to appear in 2021 as well. It also frequently appears in the speaking test as well.


Read the instructions below very carefully.

  1. Each question contains two sentences.
  2. Read carefully to understand the connection between the two sentences in terms of ideas and content.
  3. Choose the most appropriate linking word to join the two sentences.
  4. Each linking word can be used only once.
  5. Make necessary changes to the sentences to ensure the grammar is correct. It might not be enough to simply add the linking word. You might need to adapt the grammar.
  6. Pay attention to punctuation as well as grammar when you make changes to the sentences. 

Linking Words Practice

Questions 1-7

and     /     but     /     for     /     nor     /     or     /     so     /     yet

Choose one of the above linking words to join the sentences below.

1. Many famous athletes and pop stars donate generously to charities. Many others are just intent on increasing their own wealth.

2. Celebrities have moral shortcomings like everyone else. Many young people often idolise them.

3. Celebrities have tremendous influence over teenagers. They should behave responsibly.

4. Teenagers often idealise celebrities. We all need someone to look up to when we are young.

5. Some film and sports stars only aspire to fame. They dream of becoming famous fast.

6. Young people need positive role models. They will not be able to live with hope and honesty.

7. Celebrities should not be regarded as spiritual mentors. They should not be regarded as life coaches either.















1. But
2. Yet
3. So
4. For
5. and
6. Or
7. Nor

All the best

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