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Listening Full Test 10 - Section 2

Listening Full Test 10 - Section 2

Questions 11 – 17

Label the plan of the rock festival site below.

Choose SEVEN answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-I, next to questions 11 -17.

Questions 18 – 20

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


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11. D
12. F
13. I
14. B
15. E
16. A
17. G
18. arm band
19. an ambulance/ambulances
20. yellow ticket(s)



You will hear the organiser of a rock festival talking to the exhibitors and performers at a planning meeting.

Good everning, everyone!

I’m glad you could all make the planning meeting for what promises to be the biggest and most colourful free rock festival ever held in the south-east! So whether you’re a performer, a craft exhibitor or an artist, we all extend a big welcome to you.

Could we turn first to the plan so can familiarise you with the layout of the site – which as you knows an od footbal stadum . – we’re really lucky to have so much space this year. You can see the man gate at the bottom of the plan – have you found it? -that’s where most visitors will enter. t s also the entrance for those taking part in the craft fair: we’ve set the stalls just inside the gate on the left, in a circle.

If you walk straight ahead from the gate along the path without turning right, you’ll come to some steps up to the football stadium. On the left of the steps is the Fringe Stage. This is for alternative artistes – they include folk singers, poets and other acts which are more suited to a smaller stage – and they should also enter by the main gate. On the opposite side of the steps
is a restaurant, and adjoining that is the main festival information point. Here you can get extra programmes and up-to-the-minute information about events, and you can discuss any last-minute problems – although we hope everything will be running smoothly when the festival opens.

Right, coming back to the plan, you go up the stairs to the stadium. The entrance for the rock bands is on the far side, and on your right is the main stage, which will have powerful illumination and amplifications throughout the weekend. There will probably be TV vehicles adjacent – that’s in this area only – for recording purposes.

If you look at the outside of the plan, you can see a third gate for exhibitors opening onto a side path. A little way down the path, before you get to the trees, is the building where the Art Exhibition’s being housed. Then finally there’s just one more building marked on your plan – quite near the main gate. It’s divided into lock-up garages. So I hope you now feel quite familiar with the main festival area.

We also hope that you’ll have received your welcome pack. In it, you should find two parking tickets for yourself and anyone assisting you, an arm band to indicate that you are an official visitor, one of our brilliant yellow badges with the new festival logo, a festival programme, and several sheets of information that we’d ask you to study carefully before the event.

Please could you note that all setting up of stalls, displays and so on should be completed by 9.30 a.m. and that unfortunately we won’t be able to allow any vehicles to enter the festival area after that time. Yes, it’s a big site – but even a few vehicles parked in the wrong place can block the paths. With crowds of people – and we are expecting several thousand – this can merely be a nuisance; but if there’s an emergency and access for an ambulance is blocked, the situation will become not just annoying but also dangerous. And don’t forget it could be your mother or your child who needs help.

Several exhibitors and crafts people have asked us of any provision can be made for overnight storage of tables, chairs and display items rather than having to take them home and bring them again. We’re pleased to say that a limited amount of space has been made available in the building near the main gate. You’ll be issued with a yellow ticket to reclam your property – similar to the red parking tickets, so do check you bring the right one! – but pease understand that this is entirely at your own risk as we can take no responsibility for items lost or damaged.

I think that’s all I have to say at this point but thank you all for your attention!


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