Listening Full Test 7 - Section 2

Listening Full Test 7 - Section 2

Questions 11–17

Label the plan below.

Write the correct letter, A–I, next to questions 11–17.

Daisy Day Care Centre

Questions 18–20

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


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11 F
12 B
13 D
14 I
15 G
16 A
17 E
18 8 / eight
19 leave
20 three / 3 months



You will hear a receptionist, Doreen, talking to a group of parents about the Daisy DayCare Centre. First you have some time to look at questions 11 to 17.

Now listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 17.

Hello everyone. I’m Doreen, the receptionist at the Daisy Childcare Centre. Thank you all for coming to our open evening. I’ll just show you round, and tell you a bit about the place. First of all, I will have to ask you to leave your sneakers and sandals etc. here on the shoe rack just inside the main door. You know how the young ones love crawling around the floor, so our policy is — no street footwear inside.

As you can see, our facility is very open-plan. There are lots of different activity areas, and we like to have pretty good visibility throughout the centre. This central area to the left is where we all gather for stories, songs and some games. That’s why the big circular carpet is there — everyone comes to sit there two or three times a day.

I can see some of you looking at our TV. Some parents worry that we might just dump the kids there to watch rubbish all day, but of course that’s not the case! In fact, we only use it occasionally … for example, we use it if we have a story on a DVD, and then we get the kids to do a bit of acting based on that. That bookcase there beside the TV gets a lot of use, though. Some of the older kids choose to sit and read or look at picture books in their free time, but we never allow them unsupervised TV.

If you look along the wall on the far side of the little gate leading into the main room, you can see our kitchen play area. It has lots of utensils, pots and pans and that cupboard closer to the corner is the dress-up cupboard. That’s a very popular area, with the boys as well as the girls. You’d be surprised how much the boys get into acting and make believe.

Now, over here opposite the gate and behind the big lunch table are the sinks and the painting area, and then the doors to the outside. To the right of those outside doors you can see hooks and little cubbyholes on the wall for coats, bags and outdoor shoes. The children can keep slippers in there, but most of them run around indoors in their socks or bare feet.

If you can bear it, I think we should pop out into the cold for a moment to have a look round outdoors. We’ll just stay under the verandah. The sandpit is over there at the far left of the outside area, and that box next to it is storage space for buckets and spades, and lots of trucks and diggers to push round or even ride on. The slide beside that is popular, and so are the three climbing walls over by the fence. Some parents think that’s a bit adventurous for pre-schoolers, but the older ones love them. The ground is covered with bark so it’s not a harsh surface when they do fall. The ordinary swings and a tyre swing are here in front where we can keep an eye on everyone, and then the chickens are way over on the far right, so they can have a bit of peace and quiet occasionally!

Ok, so let’s go back inside and I can talk about our rules and policies.

Before you hear the rest of the talk, you have some time to look at questions 18 to 20.

Now listen and answer questions 18 to 20.

As you probably already know, the government sets limits on adult/child ratios, but we try to improve on those wherever we can. There are different ratios for under and over 2 year olds. For the under twos, the rules are one adult to four children, and we basically stick to that except that we have an extra, roving staff member with no allocated children who helps out wherever there’s a need. The older kids have a one to 8 ratio, and again, we try to have an extra staff member on site. All of our staff are fully qualified, but we do have trainees from the local polytech at certain times of the year.

We do have pretty strict rules about pickup times here. It’s a real problem if parents are late and we end up with far too many kids for the number of staff, so we ask you to be very punctual about collecting your children. We have had to ask a couple of consistently late parents to leave, but of course this is only a last resort.

We have quite a long waiting list here, especially for the over twos, but you’re welcome to put your name down. The average lead time is usually about 9 months, but sometimes we get unexpected vacancies, for example, maybe a family has to move to another city for work or something so their child is withdrawn. This means, if you’re lucky, your child could be admitted in three months or so.

Now, are there any questions