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Process diagram #5 – How ethanol fuel is produced from corn.

Task 1: Diagram

The diagram below shows how ethanol fuel is produced from corn.

The diagram below shows how ethanol fuel is produced from corn.

Sample 1 :

The given chart illustrates the process of producing ethanol from corn.

Overall, it can be seen that there are approximately 9 steps in the process, starting from the collection of corn from the field, and culminating with pure ethanol, ready to be transported and sold.
The process of producing ethanol from corn starts with the collection and storage of corn. The corn is then milled and cooked with water for around 4 hours. Once it has been cooked, it then undergoes a process of fermentation which takes around 48 hours to complete.

Afterwards, the fermented product is then put through a process which separates the liquid from the solids. The liquid then needs to be purified, which takes around 5 hours, while the solid material ends up being a useful by-product of the process. After the liquid has been purified, it can then be stored before it is shipped to the consumers.

Sample 2 :

The diagram describes the production of ethanol fuel from corn.

First, corn, the main material of the production process is gathered at a storage. After that, it is taken out and put through the milling stage in which corn is ground into small pieces. In the next phase, people mixed the milled corn with water and then cook it in four hours. The fermentation comes next and lasts for 48 hours to turn corn and water into an alcoholic mixture. Subsequently, the liquid of the fermented mixture is separated from the solid by-product. That liquid is then purified within 5 hours to get rid of water for an extraction of pure ethanol, which is then transferred to a fuel storage. Finally, ethanol is transported to filling stations for distribution.

Overall, the process of turning corn into ethanol goes through eight stages but takes only more than two days to complete.
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Sample 3 :

The diagram illustrates the production of ethanol fuel from corn.

Overall, there are nine stages in the process of corn ethanol production, beginning with harvesting the corn and ending at the delivery stage.

At the first stage in the corn ethanol making process, corn is harvested and then put in a suitable place to ensure safe storage before it is ready for milling. During the milling stage, the corn is ground into a fine powder, which is then mixed with water. The resulting mixture is cooked for four hours.

After cooking, the mixture undergoes a fermentation process, which takes two days, and ethanol is produced after this stage. After that, the liquid ethanol is separated from the fermented mixture, during which some solid by-products are taken out. It then takes five hours for the resulting ethanol to be purified to remove any impurities. Finally, this ethanol is stored for a set period of time before being transported to retailers, ready to be sold.


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