Recent IELTS exam questions 19 July 2018

Candidate got Recent IELTS exam questions on 19 July 2018

Speaking Exam

  • Personal details: name, nickname, working or student, do i like writing? what stuff do i write now? what did i write when i was a child?
  • Speak about a picture of you that you like, something about who took it and why you like it?
  • General questions – should photos for important events be taken by a professional photographer, and what are the qualities of a good news photographer?

Writing Exam

  • Task 1: bar graph on jobs in tourism industries in a UK city from 1989-2009
  • Task 2: something about education of the young people is the main educational priority of countries. But some believe that educating the adults who cannot read and write is needed by the society and we should spend more for it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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