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Sample IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 on 13/10/2022

Sample IELTS Writing task 1 and task 2 for the real exam on October 13, 2022

Writing Task 1

The table below shows information about the population of New Zealand from 2011 to 2012 by age group.

Group20112012Percentage of change
All ages4,381,2694,410,284+ 0.6%
Under 15898,160896,364– 0.2%
15-391,577,2561,574,102– 0.2%
40-641,331,9071,339,898+ 0.6%
65+573,946596,903+ 4.0%

Sample Answer

The table displays population figures for New Zealand between 2011 and 2012.

Overall, the New Zealand population increased slightly over the measured years. Additionally, while the figures for those aged under 40 decreased, there was an increase in figures for those aged 40 and over.  

From 2011 to 2012, the total population in New Zealand rose by 0.6%, from 4,381,269 to 4,410,284 people. While the number of people aged 65+ saw the biggest increase, rising 4% from 573,946 to 596,903, the number of people aged 40-64 years old increased by 0.6%, rising from 1,331,907 to 1,339,898,

Meanwhile, though decreasing by 0.2%, those aged 15-39 made up the largest portion of the population in both years, at 1,577,256 and 1,574,102 respectively. Similarly, the figure for people aged under 15 years old also decreased by 0.2%, dropping from 898,160 to 896,364 people respectively.

Band score

TR: 8CC: 8LR: 8GRA: 8Overall: 8.0

Writing Task 2

The most important function of music is that it helps people reduce stress. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample Answer

Music plays a vital role in our life for being a source of entertainment, and it is often said that the primary purpose of music is being a stress reliever. In my opinion, I disagree with this viewpoint because I believe that many other functions are just as critical.

Some people would claim that the most crucial role of music is to help us unwind as it has a profound effect on both emotions and the body. To be specific, research has found that music can be a powerful tool to not only help us settle our mind when feeling stressed, but also promote healing and improve our overall emotional well-being.This is the reason why listening to music has always been a popular activity people would do after a hectic day to ease their stress from work and study.

However, I believe that various other functions are just as significant as the relaxation purpose aforementioned. To begin with, music has also always been part of cultural and religious rituals, which includes national anthems or wedding and funeral marches. This is the way in which music helps countries to represent their national identity. Moreover, music is also a form of art which helps decorate our daily life. It can be seen that many dull events of the day such as exercising or cooking can turn into something more enjoyable thanks to music, and movies which feature music are also more captivating.

In conclusion, relieving stress is obviously an important purpose of music, but cultural and artistic functions are equally significant.

Band score

TR: 7CC: 7LR: 8GRA: 8Overall: 7.5


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