Sample Mixed charts – Writing Task 1

Task 1: The table and pie chart give information about population in Australia according to different nationalities and areas.



  • The pie chart represents the percentage of people of different nationalities living in Australia
  • The table on the right shows the distribution of people in rural and urban areas based on nationality.


  • Pie chart: most Australians consider their ancestors to be Australians
  • The majority of Australia’s population lives in urban areas.


Body # 1: pie chart

  • Australians make up a quarter of the population (73%)
  • Ranked second and third are people from England and New Zealand (7% and 3% respectively).
  • However, people of Chinese and Dutch descent account for only a very small percentage (1-2%).

Body # 2: data sheet

  • 80% of people from Australia and New Zealand live in cities, but only 20% live in rural areas
  • Similarly, most people of Chinese descent or New Zealanders live in urban areas (99% and 90%).

Sample answer

The given pie chart illustrates the percentage of people of different nationalities residing in Australia, whereas the table shows demographical figures which are classified according to urban and rural areas. The initial impression from the pie chart is that the vast majority of Australian people claim their ancestry to be of Australian origin. It is also noticeable that most Australian people, regardless of their ethnicity, are city dwellers.

According to the pie chart, Australian ethnicity makes up nearly three fourths of the total population. This is followed by the figure for people coming from the UK (7%) and New Zealand (3%). People of Chinese and Dutch ethnicity, on the other hand, made up a negligible 1-2%.

As is seen from the table, roughly 80% of people from Australia and New Zealand live in cities, whereas only around 20% lived in the countryside. A similar picture is evident in the figures for people from China and New Zealand, with their urban population amounting to a high of 90-99%.

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