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Speaking Part 2 – Describe a person you enjoy working with (Study & Work)

Describe a person you enjoy working with.  

You should say

  • Who this person is
  • How you met this person
  • How you feel about this person 
  • And why you enjoy working with this person. 

Sample Answer Band 8+

I’d like to talk about the person who has the most profound influence on my personal development. His name is Toan and he’s currently working as a COO in my company. 

I first met Toan when he came to my university as a guest speaker for an IELTS workshop called “Be specific!”. Before that, I’d already known about him as a prominent IELTS high-achiever who’s pulled off lots of remarkable feats, like scoring 8.5 for Writing. This skill was a nightmare for me back then, so I attended Toan’s workshop with pretty high hopes, and what I got from that experience was far beyond my wildest expectation.  

It only took Toan 10 minutes to amaze me with his down-to-earth personality and effective use of language. The messages he conveyed in his stories were so resonant that even the least experienced could relate to, and the best thing was that Toan never tried to over-dramatise any failures he’s gone through, no matter how disheartening they were. Also, the pieces of advice he gave us in the Q&A section were very practical, and his articulateness allowed him to answer all of our questions in such a simple yet convincing way. A few months later, I decided to apply for a teaching position in Toan’s training center, hoping I could learn even more from him. Little did I know, it was the biggest turning point in my career. 

My first impression about Toan was that he is extremely assertive and reasonable. After my demo lecture, he gave me lots of constructive feedback, all of which were really objective and on point. I mean he didn’t need to use any exaggerated criticisms just to exert his dominance, or half-hearted compliments to flatter my ego. Everything about Toan feels so genuine, and from that moment, I knew I’ve put my trust in the right person.

During the past 3 years, Toan never ceases to amaze me with his wisdomvision and tolerance. In the recruiting process, instead of focusing on a candidate’s current level, he puts greater emphasis on their critical thinking, mindset and long-term commitment. Then, he’d spend lots of time identifying his employees’ strengths and weaknesses to help them visualize a suitable career path. Also, when someone messes something up, Toan hardly ever criticizes them too severely. Instead, he would help his employees figure out the underlying cause behind their problem and give them chances to learn from their mistakes. I feel like rather than exploiting us, Toan always encourages each individual to fully develop and become the best possible version of themselves. All of these qualities, for me, are the most important traits that distinguish a great leader from a mediocre one.

I always feel like there’s a special connection between me and Toan. Every conversation I’ve had with him somehow always motivates me, sparks something in my mind, and makes me want to push myself further. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Toan’s guidance, and for that reason, I always consider working with him a privilege. A privilege I’ll never take for granted. 


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