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Speaking Part 2 – Describe your favorite teacher (Study & Work)

Describe your favorite teacher 

You should say

  • Who this person is
  • How you met this person
  • How/what this person taught you 

And why this person is your favorite teacher

Sample Answer Band 8+

I’d like to talk about Mrs. Gough, who’s working as an IELTS Instructor for a pretty well-known training center, and is perhaps the best teacher I’ve ever had.

When I was a third-year student, I decided to take the IELTS test and aimed for an 8.0, which was a pretty ambitious goal for someone who’d never taken IELTS before. I didn’t worry much about Listening and Reading, and although my Speaking still had a lot of room for improvement, I was pretty confident that I can at least squeeze a 7.0 for it. However, the Writing part had always been an absolute nightmare, which is why I desperately needed someone who could enlighten me. After considering among many options, I headed to Mrs. Gough’s center to do a placement test. 

It didn’t take too long for Mrs. Gough to amaze me with her enthusiasm and assertiveness. After I did the test, she did not hold anything back, and pinpointed all of the problems I was having. Not only that, she also gave me lots of practical feedback on how to adjust my pronunciation, use uncommon words precisely or utilise real-life experiences. Genuinely impressed by how much I learned in just 10 minutes, I immediately signed up for a course under her guidance, knowing that I was putting my trust in the right person. And I never regret making that decision.

Of all the teachers I’ve met, Mrs. Gough is probably the most diligent and dedicated. Unlike many native teachers who would just copy lessons from published materials and make some minor changes, Mrs. Gough always plans her own syllabus and spends lots of time experimenting different teaching methods to find out the most effective approach for each kind of students. Her lessons are very engaging, mostly because of the novel approach she adopted for each problem and her ability to simplify even the most complicated issues. 

Apart from being a renowned teacher, Mrs. Gough is also famous for the study materials she’s written for IELTS takers. Perhaps my favorite thing about her books is that they don’t need to impress their audience with a bunch of advanced knowledge or eye-catching illustrations. No matter how profound their content is, it’s always delivered to the audience in a very user-friendly manner, which makes them incredibly useful and easy to pick up. 

Thanks to Mrs. Gough’s support, I got an 8.0 for the IELTS test in my very first attempt. Apart from that achievement, I also learned lots of things from Mrs. Gough as an educator, and hopefully one day I can do something for her to return the favor.

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