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Talk about a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young

You should say:

  • What was the game
  • When did you play it
  • Who did you play with
  • How you felt about it

Or A game which is not a sport which you played in your childhood.

  • What was this game.
  • Where you played this game.
  • With whom you played this game.
  • What is the importance of this game in your life.



● I used to play many games in my childhood such as carrom board, hop scotch, hide and seek and snakes and ladders.

● Here I would like to talk about hide and seek.

● It was my favourite game.

● I used to play this game in my house and sometimes in my friends and neighbours homes too.

● I also used to play in my school in the recess.

● I used to play with my friends, family members and children of the neighbourhood.

● This game was very important to me because I loved hiding in the oddest places and would feel very happy when no one could find me.

● This game also taught me an important lesson that everything should be done within limits.

● I remember vividly that once I hid myself in my mother’s clothes almirah and I got locked inside.

● My friends were very scared and told my mother.

● I cannot forget the tight slap I got from her.

● From that day onwards, I never hid myself in unsafe places.

● There is no limit to the number of players in this game.

● This game also requires no special equipment.

● Just two people can play it but it is more interesting when more number of players is there.

● Sometimes I pestered my grandmother to play with us but she could not run fast and was out easily.

● I also played snakes and ladders with my grandmother but hide and seek was my all­time favourite game.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What kinds of games do children play these days?

Children mostly play electronic games these days. They hardly play outdoors. They play games which are technology oriented. In fact , computer gaming has become a major addiction among today’s children and teenagers.

2. Why do people play different kind of games when they grow up?

First reason is that they become more mature and they are able to understand more complex games. Secondly, they outgrow certain games, they find them boring or too simple sometimes. Lastly, they are also limited by the time available. I remember I used to love playing monopoly when I was young but today I don’t have the time to play it.

3. Do you think winning is the most important goal for playing games?

Winning is definitely important but I believe there are so many other purposes of games. They teach us cooperation, competition, how to accept a loss. Playing games also enhance our imagination, they make us think outside the box.

4. Do parents in your country encourage children to play games?

No, most parents encourage children to study and not play. It’s mainly because of competitions, children need to score higher and higher to get into colleges and to clear entrance exams. Thus parents mainly tell their children to study and to focus on exams.

5. What kind of games do children play at school?

During my school days , we used to play games like hide and seek, chess , carrom board and so on. Then we also invented certain games like statue ­ a game in which we had to freeze all moments when the other person said statue. I am not sure, what new games children play nowadays but I am pretty sure the old games like hide and seek are still popular.

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