Talk about a math skill that you learned in your primary / elementary school.

You should say:

  1. What was the skill?
  2. How did you learn it? 
  3. Do you find it useful and how is it useful?
  4. Explain how it will be beneficial for you in future?



● I learnt many math skills in my elementary school – such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

● I was good at all of them

● In fact math was my favourite subject in primary school

● Here I would like to talk about counting.

● Our teacher used to teach us this skill by making dots or dashes and asking us to count them.

● Sometimes we were taught to count on our fingertips.

● Sometimes we were shown pictures of objects and we had to count them.

● Counting is very useful in our day to day life.

● Knowingly or unknowingly we use this skill for measurements and buying and selling.

● We need to do counting while using money and other things.

● Even housewives use this skill while working in the kitchen.

● They have to count the ingredients used in making various dishes and also need to do counting for measuring things.

● Counting is the base of all other math skills like addition, subtraction and multiplication.

● In the future also counting will definitely be needed in each and every field.

● Everybody needs to count in his daily life at some time or the other.

● Without this basic skill life is un­imaginable.

● I remember, Mrs Promilla was my math teacher in primary school.

● She used to be my favourite teacher.

● That’s is why math became my favourite subject at school.

● It is because of this skill that today I am successful

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. How do you think calculators are helping in maths?

Computers are making calculations much faster and also error free. There are no chances of any calculation going wrong. Repetitive and boring calculations are becoming easier.

2. Do you think computers will make it less important for people to learn math?

No, I don’t think so. The computers can do calculations, but learning maths will still be necessary because maths is not just calculations, it is much more than that. It is needed in simple activities like cooking, shopping where one cannot use computers.

3. Do you think computers are going to be more intelligent than humans?

No, never, because Artificial Intelligence is also the creation of human brains. Computers can never beat humans. The fears of AI are unfounded. Even if we believe that computers can be more intelligent, then also they can never have the emotional Intelligence of humans.

4. What is the first subject learnt by children in India?

The first subject that children learn in India is normally a language. It could either be English or their native language. Children normally start by learning the alphabets and then slowly progress to word formation.

5. What methods can be applied to make maths class more interesting?

A lot of schools are going back to the old times and using tools like ABACUS to make maths more interesting for the children. Using practical techniques or puzzles can help make maths more interesting for the children.

Some teachers reward students with things like chocolates to motivate them to solve the problems more quickly.

6. Do you think everybody needs to learn maths?

Yes, apart from language, math is a subject which is used the most in our everyday life so everyone needs to learn it. I can’t even imagine how people would survive without math as we are using it all the time like during shopping etc. However, I haven’t still figured out the use of advanced math concepts such as Algebra, Calculus which can be applied in our routine life ☺


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