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Talk about an interesting talk or a lecture

You should say:

  • a. When did you hear
  • b. Where you heard it
  • c. What was it about?
  • d. Who was the speaker
  • e. Explain why you think it was interesting


● I have heard many talks in my life.

● But here I would like to discuss with you a talk which I heard recently in the environment fair held in my home town

● This environment fair is held every year in December in my home town.

● I was surprised to see my old school principal S. Gurbax Singh over there.

● He is very famous person in my home town and is known for his oratorical skills.

● He talked on the topic of global warming.

● The whole globe is involved in it.

● The way he described the causes and effects was very interesting.

● It was an eye­opener for me.

● He said that we humans are the causes and we humans can lessen it.

● He also told us how the pollution which is caused by cutting trees, having more industries and cars and other human luxuries ­ is leading to global warming.

● Then he told us about the effects of global warming.

● First effect is the rise in the sea level.

● This is because of the melting of mountain peaks.

● Second effect is the changing climate.

● We all know that summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder.

● Finally, we are having epidemics of diseases like malaria and dengue.

● This is because mosquitoes and flies prosper in the heat.

● He also told how to lessen this phenomenon by simple measures like ○ Not cutting down trees.

  • Planting more trees.
  • Using recycled materials.
  • Saying no to plastic bags.

● I felt very enlightened after listening to his spellbinding speech.

● I try to avoid using plastic bags and also accept recycled material even though quality is low.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What kind of people are invited to give a speech?

The people who are invited to give a speech are those who are experts in their field and have great/in­depth knowledge about their field. Also, people who can inspire/motivate the audience are invited to give a speech. Besides being knowledgeable they should be good orators/should have good oratorical skills.

2. On what occasion, one has to be a good listener?

I think we should be good listeners at all times. Besides listening carefully and attentively to our parents, elders, teachers, lecturers, leaders, etc., I believe that if we listen to others even during normal conversations, there will be fewer conflicts.

3. Is listening to speeches important for children?

Yes, listening to speeches is important for children. Children can gain knowledge and it also makes them patient by sitting in one place and listening.

4. What is required to be a good public speaker?

There are many traits/qualities required to be a good public speaker. The main one is of course to have good, in depth knowledge of the subject/topic/field. Some other qualities required are confidence, good command of the language, good oratorical skills, and the ability to keep the audience interested and engaged.

5. Do Indian people feel nervous when it comes to public speaking?

Yes, I think that the fear of speaking in public is one of the most common fears in India and around the world. Many people in India have the phobia of speaking in public.

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