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 Talk about your dream job – Designer

Talk about your dream job – Designer

You should say:
– What it is?
– What it is like?
– What qualification you need for this job?
And explain why you think it is perfect

  • What: designer, make graphic design, design architecture 
  • What it’s like: have an eye for art, understand graphic design basics, like an artist
  • What qualifications: take online classes, get a formal design education, enroll in a certified course.
  • Why/ Feeling: boost my creativity, can work from home, go freelance, unlimited source of income, depend on how beautiful my designs are, income increases if working longer


designer      graphic, architectural           have an eye for art          formal design education

boost creativity            go freelance               unlimited source of income

Sample Answer

I would like to work as a senior designer in the near future. It can be about making graphic and architectural designs. I have to admit that I have an eye for art, so I’m really into mixing and matching colors to create beautiful pieces of art. I still remember vividly that when I was a small child, I was addicted to graphic design. I could spend hours making pictures by using Photoshop, which is an editing app, without feeling bored. However, I’m just still an amateur.

In order to become a senior designer, I need to get a formal design education, so now I’m majoring in Designing at one of the most prominent universities in HCM City. The tuition fee is higher compared to other universities, but I think it’s worth it. I’m about to graduate in the next 6 months. Currently, I’m taking an internship at a marketing agency promoting cosmetic products. My responsibilities involve making basic designs and giving support to the marketing team as needed.

If you don’t have a chance to take formal education, you can enroll in certified courses on the Internet. It would be cheaper than formal courses. You can also have an opportunity to make worthwhile friends and learn from them. To pass the course, you need to create pieces of art. They need to be accepted by lecturers at your university.

I’m interested in this career since I can go freelance without being stuck behind a desk. Well, it’s not a dead-end job, so there’s an unlimited source of income. How much you earn depends on how beautiful your designs are, so the more you work, the more skilled you become. Besides that, this job helps boost my creativity and relieve stress.


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