Talk about your favorite place for shopping

You should say:

  • a. Why is it your favorite place
  • b. How do you feel when you go there
  • c. What are some of the things you bought from this place



● From the past few years I have been residing in Chandigarh

● Chandigarh is a very beautiful city and there are many places where people can go for shopping and spending their leisure time

● A very popular destination for shopaholics is Elante mall

● It is located in the outskirts of the city, also known as the industrial area of the city

● As it has become a popular tourist destination there are many options available to reach Elante mall, like buses, cabs etc

● People mostly visit the mall using their private vehicles and there is ample parking space available at the mall

● I love to shop at this mall as I can buy anything and everything, all under one roof, like, everyday essentials, luxurious goods, electronic items etc

● I feel very excited to explore new trends and fashion at the mall

● The architecture of the mall is really beautiful and well planned with lot of open spaces and resting places for the elderly

● There are 3 floors where people can purchase goods of local and international brands

● Apart from shopping, people can also watch movies, play games and go to discotheques

● Also there is a food court on the top floor where people can try different cuisines.

● When I go to Elante mall, I usually spend more than I intend to as I feel like that I should buy everything that is available

● I have bought many items like clothing, footwear, groceries and also some toys for my younger brother.

● So this is my favorite place to shop.


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