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Describe a party / describe a party you attended or joined

Sample 1:

You should say:

  • When was it
  • Who joined you? 
  • What happened in the party

– I have celebrated many parties in my life.
– But here I would like to talk about a birthday party, which I enjoyed a lot
– It was the birthday of my younger brother.
– It was his eighteenth birthday
– I threw a surprise party for him.
– My parents were also with me in this plan.
– We invited a few of his close friends and some relatives.
– After my brother left for college that morning, I decorated our home with buntings and balloons.
– My mother baked and iced the cake.
– Actually she has a gifted hand at cooking and baking.
– I ordered some fritters, spring rolls, sandwiches and pastries for the guests.
– I even organised some games such as musical chairs, treasure hunt and passing the parcel.
– When my brother came home that day, we all were waiting for him.
–  We welcomed him by playing the birthday tune.
– Everyone clapped and wished him happy birthday.
– He was really surprised and very happy. I could tell it from his face.
– The he cut the cake and we all enjoyed the cake and snacks
– Then we played the games.
– Everyone enjoyed a lot.
– I gifted a cell phone to my brother.
– He always wanted it but my parents wouldn’t let him buy one.
– I always felt his desperation for the phone, so I had planned to gift him one on his birthday.
– He received many other gifts also but my gift was the most special for him.
– We all danced a lot that day.
– I felt great happiness that day.
– I realised that true happiness lies in giving happiness to others.
– My brother is very dear to me
– May God give him a long and happy life!

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Do children like to party?

Yes, they do. Party means fun and enjoyment to them. It means new clothes, lots to eat and a chance to dance and make merry.

2. Do adults like to party?

Yes, adults like to party. To adults, it means a time to get together with friends and family. It means having a break from the monotonous routine life. It is a time to recharge one’s batteries.

3. Do you like loud music in party?

No, personally I don’t. It gives me a headache. But most of my friends do. They think that any party is incomplete without loud music.

Sample 2 :

You should say:   

  • When it took place
  • Where it was
  • Whose party it was 
  • What you did there  
  •  How you felt about the party

It’s my pleasure to share with you about my attendance at a recent party. It was a birthday party of my friend – Hung, who turned 22 that day. This was also his farewell party just before his departure to Canada to further his study

The party just happened last month at his own house in the hometown. Hung invited almost all of his buddies and we attended the birthday celebration together. Apart from us, there were more than 30 other guests on this occasion. They seemed to be unfamiliar with me but my guess was that they would be mostly Hung’s relatives, neighbors and his father’s colleagues.

We congregated and bought a present for him. It was such astonishment of us when we saw his huge birthday cake. 22 candles of different colors were lit around the cake and the whole house was redecorated for the occasion. We sang the birthday song when Hung cut the cake. We congratulated him and wished him an excellent academic term ahead and a prosperous life afterwards. Then we tasted the cake and had a good feast, the foods were quite tasty. 

To me, this birthday party brought its own meaning. It was a valuable chance for us to gather together, talk to each other our daily life and share about our childhood memories. This party left a lasting impression on me and honestly, it is still fresh in my mind until now.

1.   What types of party do people have?

There are many different kinds of party that people can take part in such as birthday party, celebration  party  or  farewell  party.  Each  party  brings  its  own  meaning  but  most  of participants always feel on the cloud nine.

2.   Why are parties important?

People have parties to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or the beginning of a new year. I think it’s important to celebrate these things because they are milestones in our lives. Parties are a good way to bring people together, and they’re an opportunity to let off some steam.

3.   Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

No, I don’t think anything will change. People have always had parties, and I’m sure they always will in the future. Humans need to socialise and enjoy themselves, and parties are one of the best ways to do that.

4.   Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

I would say my answer is yes. People think they can splash out in some special cases such as

Sample 3:

You should say:

  • What was it about?
  • Where was it held?
  • What did people do at the party?
  • Explain what you enjoyed at this party?

Life has given me a lot of happiness and moments to celebrate with my near and dear ones. I have celebrated many happy moments by hosting parties for someone and attending other people’s parties as well.

I have attended many parties on different occasions in my life but the most enjoyable one was a party that I held to mark my elder sisters twenty-fifth birthday. It was a surprise party that I planned with the help of my mother. It was on the twenty-fifth of September last year, and I had started to plan it two days before. After my sister left for work in the morning I started decorating our garden and installing the setup including the tables and chairs. My mother started baking her favorite chocolate cake while I called all her friends and our relatives to the party in the evening. I then proceeded to order snacks and appetizers along with the beverages for the evening. The celebrations finally commenced and all the guests had arrived before she came. We welcomed her with the birthday song and hugs from everyone.

We all had an amazing time at the party. Everybody socialized, we played party games, danced and had a lot of fun throughout the evening. The best part was the fact that everyone was happy with the celebration and there were smiles all around me. My sister got gifts from everyone and was all smiles when I gifted her a necklace. She was spellbound and thanked me profusely for organizing such an amazing party.

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