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TOP 10 topic appear in IELTS Writing Task 2 (Part 1)


Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus.

Sample Band 8 +:

In many universities, distance learning through an online platform is provided for students as an option to replace traditional classrooms. In my view, although such a development could be detrimental in a number of ways, overall, I believe it to be an essential step forward.

On the one hand, this method of remote learning, without the need for regular face-to-face contact with teachers in a classroom, is negative for two reasons. Firstly, students who study online do not develop comprehensively in the way that other students who attend classes at school do. During online courses, it is difficult for students to make friends or attempt to compete with their peers. This is often linked to the fact that those learners seem to undervalue the significance of interaction and rivalry with classmates in an educational environment, which are actually regarded as great stimuli for scholastic success. Secondly, participants of online learning programs have a tendency to procrastinate more and poorly allocate an appropriate amount of time to complete assignments. This form of studying requires tremendous self-discipline as well as excellent organization and time management skills as students usually struggle with balancing their coursework with other priorities, and quickly become unmotivated without direct guidance from instructors.

On the other hand, online learning is proving to be a great alternative, although traditional universities are still widely considered as the best way to acquire knowledge and a qualification. Access to all resources within a traditional course is offered, which empowers learners to freely choose from a wide range of different subjects, from science to economics. Furthermore, lower costs and the widespread presence of the Internet allow unlimited numbers of participants, regardless of not only their financial background but also current living location. For example, Coursera is a website that offers a variety of courses at reasonable prices and presents valid certification for participants upon completion of each course.

In conclusion, though there are some drawbacks to studying via online courses, I do believe that this method is a revolutionary step in contemporary tertiary education systems.


Some people think that governments should ban dangerous sports, while others think people should have freedom to do any sports or activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Band 8 +:

Opinions diverge widely on whether dangerous sports should be prohibited due to the potential hazards to participants. While I understand this argument, my view is that people should have the right to participate in any sport they choose.

The principal reason in favour of a ban on extreme sports is that such activities are usually accompanied by a high chance of serious injury or death. A mountain climber, for example, is always in danger of a fatal fall even with the protection of climbing equipment. Furthermore, some of these sports not only render the players injured, but also the cheering spectators. Take car racing for example. In Japan in 2004, a Formula 1 race car crashed and debris from the crash flew into the crowd and caused serious injuries to both the racer and spectators.

However, I believe that people should be free to take part in any sport that they choose, and it would be wrong to stop climbing enthusiasts from challenging themselves and enjoying the invigorating experience of standing on top of a mountain peak. If these sports were previously banned, the world would not have witnessed the amazing feat of the first official ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. In addition, those who participate in these activities have to undertake rigorous training and experience for long periods of time to ensure they are in peak physical and mental condition in order to take up these hazardous sports. Therefore, the concern of the risk element becomes somewhat reduced.

In conclusion, it would be wrong to ban extreme sports, and I think that people should have the right to take part in any sport they want for the aforementioned arguments.


The best way to solve world’s environmental problem is increase the cost of fuel.
Do you agree or disagree and give your own opinion?

Sample Band 8 +:

It is believed that traffic and pollution issues would be best tackled by inflating the price of petroleum. In my opinion, this idea is completely flawed and there are several reasonable alternatives.

Clearly the price of fuel has little to do with pressing problems of traffic and pollution. The inevitable demand for time efficience and safe commuting in the modern world makes the change of fuel prices become rather insignificant, which proves the ineffectiveness of the suggested policy. In other words, even if the price were increased, people would still travel by their preferred form of transport on a daily basis and the problems of traffic and pollution would remain. Additionally, this solution could easily trigger social disagreement and resentment. This, coupled with the reluctance of using expensive fuel to travel every day, could be counter-productive and this proposed idea would become irrelevant.

On the other hand, alternatives to increasing the price of petrol show greater effectiveness. Firstly, governments could implement certain regulations restricting the use of private vehicles such as cars and turn people to using public transportation. This would relieve many roads from heavy traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road, which in turn alleviates the problem of pollution caused by exhaust emissions. Secondly, in many cities around the world, cycling has proved to be an effective, environmentally friendly form of alternative transport and should be encouraged more in other major cities. Certain infrastructure, such as separate zones for cyclists, should be created to help avoid the overload of traffic during rush hour when the number of vehicles can exceed the road’s capacity.

In conclusion, I believe that heightening the price of fuel used for travelling to address traffic and pollution problems is somewhat absurd; and that there is a number of other more suitable and effective solutions.


The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Band 8 +:

It has been argued that a complete restriction on all forms of advertising would be of great value for society as a whole, due to its apparent lack of usefulness and sometimes harmfulness. In my opinion, this assumption is highly subjective, and therefore I completely disagree with it.

To begin with, to claim that commercials have no use and are detrimental to consumers is completely ill-founded. We are living in a world where new products with distinct and revolutionary features to better our lives and solve everyday problems are being released almost every day. We cannot deny the fact that such products would remain relatively unknown unless advertising was used to reach customers on a large scale. As a result of advertising, many businesses will thrive, and in turn, pay taxes to the government which will help contribute towards a variety of governmental systems, such as education, healthcare and social security. Such systems help to ensure the well-being of all citizens.

From another perspective, dependency on the advertising industry is inevitable for any nation to prosper. Once commercials, by law, undergo a prohibitive order, unemployment rates would increase and the burden would fall on the state. For example, Coca Cola dispenses thousands of employment opportunities in advertising throughout its branches across different regions around the world. If adverts are forbidden, an unthinkable number of workers, such as marketers, would either be driven to other jobs or become unemployed. The government, as a result, have to provide temporary financial support for those people. In other words, banning all forms of advertising would have many undesirable implications on society.

In conclusion, it is unreasonable to presume that advertisements are irrelevant and need to be prohibited for the sake of societies best interests.

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