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Two-way discussion : Influence of Television

  • How popular is watching television in your country?
    It’s a true pleasure that you asked me to explain the television watching behaviour in my Country, India. Television is, in fact, the most important mode of entertainment in India and almost every family has a television set today.

    You cannot imagine how popular television is in India and how it is watched here. The popularity of the television cannot be described in words, you are to feel it. People come home after long tiring days and get entertained through the television program. They usually wait for different program and mostly they watch the news channels. Regarding television watching, there are different classifications as well. Sometimes the family members make schedules too to watch their respective program. An extensive circle has been formed based on the television watching to promote different products and services. Besides, considering the watching hours, different advertisements are also aired to allure the audience in buying the specific product. Even people try to imitate the performances in their real life or try to follow their respective character by wearing attires like them or make their hairstyle like them or try to deliver special dialogues they enjoyed on the television. It is evident that television has a great impact on the people who watch it.

  • Tell me about the types of program that are generally on television in your country.
    Well, a wide range of programs are available round the day and most importantly the television channels broadcast their programs 24 hours in a day. So, there are plenty of programs to enjoy. While answering the previous question, I mentioned that there are some groups who watch television at different times and they prefer different types of programs. The programs are picked based on the age range but there are some programs are common like watching special drama serials or daily soaps. Mostly the daily soaps are enjoyed by all ages of people irrespective of gender. But the news programs are mostly watched by the male members of the family while the cartoons are enjoyed by the kids. Regarding some special cartoons like Tom and Jerry Show, it is enjoyed by kids, teens and some cases the adults as well. You will be surprised that there are some television programs on cooking as well to teach how to cook different items. I think the reality shows are the other most important television program in India. When the reality programs are aired, you cannot have a single man on streets to talk – all of them are busy in watching the programs. Besides, when it is about cricket and Team India is on the list, the people also leave all of their works to enjoy the matches.
  • Why do people like watching television?
    I’m not sure how should I reply the question or I may not be able to satisfy you with the answer as it will take a longer time to reply. Television is the mode of entertainment and easily accessible for all. I think you will agree on the point with me that television watching needs no money or efforts. It is a very comfortable way of passing the leisure hours. Besides, it provides the necessary entertainment to the audience which they need after their return from their respective jobs or duties. Moreover, it helps them to get relief from the tiresome works and monotony of life. It is a source of great joy for them. The audiences become glad when they sit before a television set to enjoy their favourite television event. Sometimes they are in great tension about imagining the futures of their preferable characters in their desired serials or get thrilled by enjoying an adventurous program.
  • Do you think the state or the private television is better?
    This is a million dollar question for me. Thanks for asking. There are diversified programs on television and all of them are not interesting because of program type and making. Usually, the state television channels try to make programmes with a low budget and thus the qualities fall comparing the private channel programs. Sometimes, the sets and props are not found in the right manner in the state running television channels programs while the private-run television stations are careful about the issue and try to make programs interesting. Moreover, the state television programs are made with less care and fewer crews are engaged to complete the programs. Most of the programs are shot in indoor. But the scenario is just the opposite for the case of private television channels. Considering the above comparison, I think the private television stations are better than the state-run televisions.
  • What effects can watching television have on children?
    To be frank, the negative impacts of television watching are more on the kids comparing the educative values. In the current days, almost all of the television programs are commercial and are made to entertain people. They lack the educative values. Besides, the kids do not watch any educative channels rather they also get addicted to the entertaining episodes. But sometimes the entertaining programs are made for the adults and contain materials unsuitable for the kids. Their exposure to the adult scenes cast a negative impact on them. They become over-mature at a premature age. Additionally, they waste more times after television whereas they were supposed to spend the wasted time with their books and academic activities. I have seen some of the children who even forget to take their baths and foods as they are engaged in watching cartoons and other programs. The parents need to be more careful over the issue.


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