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Two-way discussion : Education & Teaching

  • What kind of person makes a good teacher?
    Well, I think a person with the passion for teaching, good interpersonal skill, talent and some teaching experience could become a good teacher. From my experience, I can say that academic background of a teacher has a relationship with his teaching style but this is not always the case. In my academic life, I have found many teachers who had a comparatively less educational qualification and yet they were great teachers and that’s because they had a passion for teaching. Their communication skills with students were excellent and they were good listeners. They let students raise questions to understand their level and then tried in every way possible to satisfactorily answer our questions. That’s another important aspect of becoming a really good teacher.
  • Why do people choose to become teachers?
    Ahh, in most of the cases people want to become teachers from their passion for the teaching profession. In some cases, they become teachers only because they could not find a better profession than that. However, I believe those type of people should never come in the teaching profession. Apart from passion and career many others choose to become teachers to help the society and to contribute towards building an enlightened society. Research facilities, respect in society, being able to continue learning curves are three major other reasons many people come in the teaching profession in my opinion.
  •  Do you think education will change in the future? How?
    Definitely! The education is an ever evolving and changing process. Though the core objective of education will always remain the same – to educate a person and to make a better and enlighten person for the society, the process will change.

    We have already witnessed a radical change in the way education process works these days than in the past. In future the education would become more technology dependent and students will have many various sources for learning than only attending classes or reading books. Teachers will also become dependent on technological advancements to better educate students while distance learning would become very common among adult students.

    The courses pupil will study will become more specific and more practical courses will be introduced in the future than we have now, I assume.

  •  How does technology affect education?
    Technology makes the face-to-face communication between students and teachers less necessary and helps students learn from various sources. It also makes the distance learning and e-learning possible and that would help many people get involved in higher education than today.

    Besides, technological advancements help teachers prepare and present their lessons in a better fashion and make it possible to digitally evaluate students’ performance.

    The negative effects the technological advancements bring in education sector include a scope of plagiarism, less interaction between students and teachers and spending too much time on activities that are not educative. However, this is not the fault of the technology itself, rather how we use it.


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