Two-way discussion: Technology

•  How can technology make our life easier?

Thank you for allowing me to answer this. Technology is a blessing for all and has made life easier. With the use of the technology, you can do the unimaginable things now. Earlier, people had to control their television set like increasing or decreasing the volume or changing channels manually. But in the current days, you do not need to get up to the television set raise the volume or change the channel and get back to the sofa again. It is the time to change channels or increase/ decrease the volumes with the help of a remote controller. Once, people used papers and pens to write letters to meet their communication needs. The scenarios are altered and people have cellular phones (better known as mobile phones), e-mails, and social networking sites etc. for communication which is the blessing of the modern technology. Moreover, people now can travel comfortably than the past and travelling hours has been reduced to a great extent.

•  What are some greatest inventions you know about?

Well, it is difficult indeed to make a list of the inventions as the numbers are unlimited. But being the age of technology, a wide number of inventions have been done in past years. The invention of the internet is considered as the most important invention and we use it for numerous purposes. The invention of the cellular phone has made a revolutionary change in the sector of communication. Now people could reach the near and dear ones living in the opposite corner of the world within a few seconds. Inventions of different newer electrical instruments are also notable. The invention of artificial hearts needs to be acknowledged as well as it has been saving lives. The mass marketing of iPhone from Apple was also another important invention and that was the first touchscreen phone that gained skyrocketing popularity. Besides, electric cars are also the other inventions which have helped us greatly. Further, the invention of robots, spacecraft etc. are also notable in this case which have some sort of influence in our life.

•  Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?

Though there are no exact reasons to restrict the use of mobile phones in public places, it should be accomplished for some reasons. Undoubtedly mobile phones help us to communicate with the world and have numerous blessings, but there are some demerits as well. For instance, you are in a public library and it is expected that silence should be maintained. But if a mobile phone cries out loud, it is really annoying for the others who are busy with reading. The noise created by the phone and discussion over the phone inside such places is really un-welcomed. You are enjoying a musical concert at a concert hall and suddenly you heard your phone ringing. At that moment you will be the focus of attention which is embarrassing. Further, you work for a shop and a client is asking for something to you while you are busy with your mobile phone. Either you are talking on the phone or texting someone. Does it look decent? No, it does not. In such situations, the use of mobile phones is always unwanted. So, the use of mobile phone should be restricted in public places.  

•  Why mobile phones are gaining its popularity?

The mobile phone is one of the latest inventions of modern science. But with the passage of the time, the name has been altered for its mobility to everywhere. Truly, the mobile phones are gaining unexpected popularity. The use of mobile phone is everywhere now. It is accessible by the people of all strata. The advantages are huge. One can easily communicate with the rest of world with this device. In fact, this is the easiest mode of communication and one can always be connected. Moreover, smartphones now allow the users to be connected to the internet and perform the necessary tasks. The use of mobile phone is not limited to talking only, it is entertaining too. You can click high-quality pictures, play video games, record videos or audios, set your daily plans or events and many more. Thereby, I think, mobile phones are gradually gaining popularity.  

•  Can you do without your mobile phone?

Ummm! It is impossible for me to do without my mobile phone even for a single second. It has become the part of my body. I forget to take some necessary documents to my office but do not forget about the mobile phone. I need to plan for different meetings with my clients and colleagues while sometimes I take pictures of family events with the phone. Besides, I use the mobile phone for listening songs and often watch movies online in line with using it as a device to communicate with people. In fact, the mobile has become related to me in such a way that I cannot deny its necessity even for a single moment in my life.

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