Two-way discussion: Weather

•  What should you do in a bad weather?

Well, a bad weather is one of the worst things for me. The entire day is filled with boredom. It makes me chained to my home. In that moment I will have nothing to do except sitting at my place and pray for the weather to be clear. But I think there are many interesting things to do during a bad weather and I should follow the ideas to make the bad day into a bright day. The first thing is that I shall plan in the early hours of the day that how to spend the rest of the day. Usually, in a bad weather, it rains around the day. Roads become muddy and slippery. So, I should not take the car even if I need to go somewhere for emergencies on such a day. If possible, I should cancel all the events and appointments for the day (except the emergencies) and stay home round the day. I should spend time with my wife and as she likes listening songs, I should accompany her. After listening songs with Samantha (my wife), I should watch movies of my preferred genre. I like action movies while Samantha prefers comedy. So, I should move to action-comedy movies and watch them together until noon. You’ll be happy to know that Samantha loves to take foods cooked by me. So, I should also cook some foods for her to be served during the lunch and should allow her to prepare the supper. Besides, I should also plan for a party in the evening with my other family members or relatives or a couple of friends. This is the way I should pass a bad weather. Though it may sound a bit different from other people as they will move to their respective works but I will stay home. I should pass the day with my family and if they have occupational works, I should also disallow them to start for office. This is a sudden break in the monotonous life and helps boost energies of people.

•  Will bad weather mould or change people’s personality?

Yes, bad weather will change people’s personality but it will happen only for that day. When people will experience a bad weather, they will either get angry or get happy. Some of the people will be angry as they will have to miss many important things and some other people will be happy as they do not have to attend the preset events. It will happen that some people are missing their important meetings or works and any appointments. As a result, they will be annoyed but will have nothing to do except waiting. On the other part, people who prefer relaxation more than their works will be happy as they will have not to attend their jobs or other events. People with a pleasant personality will turn into a negative one due to the bad weather after being failed to do the necessary things. But this personality transformation will be temporary. The sun has a positive impact on people. When people will see the sun, in a bright mode, they will forget their dullness. They will laugh and shout. A good number of songs have also been composed over the rising of the sun. However, people who were happy now will be dull. They will get back into their real personality again once the weather is over. So, I think this will be enjoyable to all as they actually will get some enjoyable moments for the bad weather. They will be amazed at their personality change and it will make them laugh how they reacted when the weather turned into a foul weather.

•  What is the relationship between weather and culture?

Well, culture and weather have some interconnections. It has been formulated based on the geographical aspects. Weather is one of the important factors in producing food crops and has been playing a significant role in the entire agriculture system. If there is no water, there will be no crops. Again, if there is excessive water, there will be no crops as the crops will be destroyed by the excessive water. So, a large number of people belonging to agricultural society try to maintain a good relationship with the weather. They have formulated their culture with the belief that if they could satisfy the weather, they will have good crops. But the scenario is different in modern cities. People observe and form different cultures in different weather conditions to make them more comfortable and enjoyable. In most of the cases, the cultures are determined by the weather pattern. People take the necessary measures to observe the seasons. For instance, winter is a climatic condition or a specific situation when the weather is cold. You cannot move without warm clothes in that season. A culture to put on warm dresses has been formulated. Similarly, in the monsoon, the culture of carrying an umbrella has been formed. In some cases, people carry umbrellas in summer as well to protect them from the blazing heat from the sun. So, it appears that weather and culture are closely interconnected with each other.

•  The climate has changed these 50 years. Have you noticed the changes?

Yes, I agree with you. The climate has changed greatly in the past 50 years. A lot of changes have taken place by this time. Environmental degradation is the key cause of the changes, I think. Firstly the seasonal change should be mentioned here caused for the environmental imbalance. Earlier there were five or six seasons but now there are hardly three seasons appear round the year. The number of wildlife in different forests and jungles was more in the past comparing the current days. They have become extinct as they do not have their natural habitat. Random deforestation, environmental degradation etc. are the key cause of their extinction. With the passage of development, people are in need of furniture and modern amenities, and thus they are cutting down trees. Forests are being destroyed which is causing ecological imbalance across the globe. People are destroying the natural habitat of the wild animals and also polluting the other relevant elements of the environment. As a result, nature has experienced a negative change and the consequences are falling upon us. We are to suffer from the climatic changes. I also have noticed that when I was a kid, the summer was not as hot as it is today. Besides, in the rainy season, it rains less than the past days. Sometimes, there are excessive rains which cause flash floods in some of the parts of the low-lying regions in the world. But such sudden accidents were not found 50 years ago. I bet in next 50 years a massive change will take place across the globe unless the environmental pollution is not stopped.

•  What changes do you predict in the following years?

Ummm! I think there will be massive changes in the environment. Firstly, the climate will go to its extreme. There might be only one season, summer because all the other seasons will vanish due to deforestation and ecological imbalance in the environment. Food scarcity is another potential issue as the lands are losing fertility for the extensive use of chemical fertilisers. Besides, the chemicals used in the croplands are also getting mixed with water which is also a serious threat to human and animal health. By drinking the polluted water, they may develop different deadly diseases.

Desertification is the other issue that will be a great concern for the world. Currently, a large portion of the forests are being cut down to serve several purposes and accordingly the cutting is going on indiscriminately. But it is imperative to plant trees with the ration of cutting them down. Unfortunately, people are cutting more instead of planting. The emergence of natural calamities in the recent past years is also a concerning issue and in future, the frequency may increase more. The events of flash floods, cyclones, erosion, excessive rains or droughts in some places, heat waves, cold waves, hailstorms, thunderstorms etc. will be seen frequently. If such situations prevail for longer times, I think the entire environment with all of its elements will collapse someday. Then it would be highly difficult for the humans to rise up. In fact, war with nature is unwise as nature will be the winner at the end of the day, while the modern people have made nature their opponent. It appears to me that they are in a battle with nature and wants to win over it. Alas! They do not have any idea how powerful nature is. Climatic change is one of the changes that are seen now. Hope nature will show her mercy to us.

•  Are the people interested in gathering the weather information in your place?

Uhh! France is the country of temperate climate but the countrymen are highly aware of the climate change around the world. The country is surrounded by a couple of mountains which bring variations in the climate of the country. Usually, the mountain areas always remain cold comparing to the other regions while the northern part is mild in winter and tolerable warm in summer. So, the climatic issues are one of the concerning issues for the people. The continental climatic condition owns the chance of a sudden change and thereby, the people need to remain alert, always over the changes. Though the seasons like winter and spring are pleasant in the current days, due to the massive aggression on the climate, they may get a terrible change. The dry summer seasons is also a concerning issue for us. With the climate change, the summer may turn drier which would be intolerable to some extent. It is also a shocking event that the rate of global warming is more in France comparing the other parts of the world. The warming trend continued till 2009 beginning from 19602 and the government is trying to control the situation. Different initiatives have been taken and people are now aware than before over the climatic issues. They get regular weather updates for their own benefits.

•  How does weather influence people’s personalities in your country?

This is an interesting question. In fact, the weather has something to do with the moods of the people in my country. Usually, the moods and personalities of the common people get a massive change with the change of weather. For instance, in summer, usually, people are frank and speak a lot. They organise for private parties and always in a jolly mood. You may be confused with their personalities as the man with the most seriousness also becomes a cheerful one. But the scenario changes entirely in the winter. People do not prefer to talk that much and keep silence even in trips. This is the common scenarios in France during the season changes.

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