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Writing Task 1:  information about a university sports court

The maps give information about a university sports court.

Sample Answer:

The maps describe the changes which have taken place with respect to the sports section of a university since 1990.

In 1990, an outdoor park could be found in the north-west and a car park to its south. The only sports areas were an outdoor pool in the north-east corner and a tennis court in the south. The reception area and a café lined up along the west side of the outdoor pool while a changing room could be found further south.

The current layout of the area is far cry from what it used to be. The park has been cleared to make room for a new basketball court while the car park has been converted into a tennis court double the size of the previous one. As for the indoor facilities, the outdoor pool has been turned into an indoor one, and the changing room has been extended eastward. The old tennis court has given way to a new fitness center. Finally, the reception and the café remain unaltered.

Overall, while the sports section of the university campus was mostly outdoors in 1990, it now features both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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