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Writing Task 2: Global warming is one of the most the most serious issues that the world is facing

Global warming is one of the most the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What measures can government and individuals take tackle this issue ?

Sample Answer

In this era, our environment is facing a tremendous amount of pollution and leading to the greenhouse effect which is a very important matter. This writing will discuss planting trees and reducing the number of private vehicles used as the solution for this issue.

There are several reasons that make the world suffer from global warming and one of the most preponderant factors is that the public is excessively cutting down the forest in order to make money and have land to live in. This action can make fewer trees available to produce oxygen leading to a higher-temperature biosphere. However, the government can overcome this problem by making regulations to plant trees in citizens’ surroundings. Thus, even though there are some forests that are being developed into housing complexes, it will not affect the number of plants living in our sphere. For example, if every house were capable to cultivate at least five crops in their home, it would make our nature greener.

In addition, the number of people using their own car are increasing over the past few decades which makes it a big concern in society because it makes the natural habitat even worse. Moreover, every vehicle will release destructive substances into the air and thinning of the ozone layer which occurs climate change. Unless individuals use public transportation for them to travel daily, the amount of air pollutants will experience a significant rise in the future. Therefore, managing one’s travelling behaviour is another key factor to solve the issue.

In conclusion, officials can make rules to cultivate crops in every house in their nations, thereby, they can make everyone follow them leading to a better world. Furthermore, every person should realise the destructive side of using their own vehicle so they can try to use public ones. These actions can make our nature better and tackle environmental issues.

Overall Band Score: 9.0 (311 words)


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