Writing Task 2: Many parents are unhappy with their children playing violent video games and watching violence in movies

Writing Task 2

Many parents are unhappy with their children playing violent video games and watching violence in movies. How harmful is this to children? What can be done to solve this problem?

Sample Answer:

Savage is emerging increasingly severe in numerous nations and countries. Although furious games and shows threaten myriad societies and species, their devastating consequences can be combated triumphantly. This essay examines some of the troubles caused by aggressive content on the entire youth and nominates some viable remedies to curb the grave concerns.

To begin with, Minors are prone to imitate violent content causes an abundance of complications. The first and foremost is that they behave what they watch and play and their behaviour with other folks also bad and rude and sometimes leads towards the illegal activity and crimes. The chattels are extremely obvious. For Instance, According to a Crime Report, the rate of crimes has surged recently in Asia owing to CID drama series and other turbulent movies that directly affect child nature.

However, the menace of resolutions can be fought. Education and awareness is the main key to confronting the challenges. the population needs to be cognizant of the adversity. Therefore, they can evade doing it. Moreover, the government and parents should take strict action by implementing robust strategies and plans to address the trouble instantly. to cite an example, punishing the kids for watching tv plays and movies and keeping a close eye on them, particularly on their activities.

In the nutshell, wild sports are an acute issue because it induces hazardous impacts on people’s health and mind. The Best approaches to address it are the aforementioned solutions. Even though the challenge is improbable to be entirely eradicated in a short span of time there should be concrete measures to mitigate the negative effects it is having on the kids.

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