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Writing Task 2: Some children spend hours every day on smartphones

Some children spend hours every day on smartphones.

Why is this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer

A section of the young generation utilizes a long duration of their time on mobile phones daily. This is because of social media and assignments. However, this is a detrimental trend because of illness. This essay will explain in detail the reasons for my stance as well as examples in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, the most compelling factor for long duration on mobile by children is social media. The majority of youngsters use most social networks to do a lot of activities such as chatting and watching funny videos in order to relax stress. For instance ,most young people use social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day. They spend at least 6 hours. Although funny videos help them relax stress, it also causes eye problem. Moreover, it helps them to do their research.Most students do not have money to buy laptops so they tend to use their phones mostly for their assignments. Hence leading to them using their smartphones each day.

Secondly, this is a negative development because of sickness. When they are using their phones, their eyes are glued to the screen of the phones which cause vision problem in the long run. For example ,a colleague of mine is blind as a result of his eyes being glued to his phone for a long time. Government should limit phone use so that the citizens will be healthier. It causes deafness because of radiation emitted into the body because of its continued use of it.

In conclusion, the essay argued about factors as well as the negative trends of smartphones. Social networks and research are the two main reasons youngsters use phones for a long time whereas eye problem is the demerit associated with it.

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Overall Band Score : 9.0


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