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Writing Task 2: Some people believe women are better leaders than men

Writing Task 2

Some people believe women are better leaders than men. To which extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer 1

In contemporary society, there is an increasingly popularised opinion that women are more suitable for positions of leadership rather than their male counterparts. During the course of this essay, I would analyse this perspective objectively before drawing a rational conclusion. 

Obviously, there are a plethora of reasons supporting the fact that females are superior to males in certain aspects of being chiefs. Amongst them, women tend to outperform the other gender in competencies namely caring for others or working together. These two qualities would eventually create capable leaders. For instance, many sovereignties are having female heads of state, and most of these countries are known to put care in most of their decisions, giving greater rights to members of the public, and closing the gender pay gap. Regarding the relationships with international communities, these nations are usually praised for their harmonious connections. 

On the other hand, it is scientifically proven that men could outscore females in the ability to develop a strategic perspective, which enhances the leaders’ chances of making the right call regarding the beneficial impacts to the groups, companies, or organisations. As a matter of fact, the majority of top-tier managerial positions in most successful businesses are held by male members, as well as the expert statuses in most choices of career. Furthermore, women are inconveniently restrained by other duties besides taking leadership roles, such as balancing between work and family. To be specific, women usually have to break their work due to pregnancy, whereas their counterparts have no such trouble. 

In conclusion, it could be observed that there are no significant differences between the genders in terms of leadership effectiveness on any measure, which means women and men are equally suitable for leadership positions.

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Sample Answer 2

Some people, nowadays, generally claim that females are good at taking up leadership positions as opposed to males. In my opinion, I partially concur with this point of view because both sexes have what they do better in terms of being in charge, as will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, the idea of women being regarded as men unequal is far and gone now. Women empowerment is on the minds of citizens contemporarily. Therefore, some folks think that women are better at being in authority than men. I opine that, even though there might be some areas in leadership where they might perform exceptionally well, we cannot measure the magnitude of their performances, hence, we cannot generalise that men are the worst leaders. For instance, some women who are in authority show compassion to their subordinates. Females are generally known to be tender and kind towards others. However, these qualities could not justify this belief.

Nonetheless, men cannot be generally considered the best leaders in society. That is, they might also possess some good characteristics in managing a firm or ruling a country, however, they may fall short in some aspects of these as well. For example, males are universally thought to be courageous and fearless and will make some risky decisions that could help a company succeed quickly, notwithstanding, some lack the attributes that females possess. In view of this, I strongly believe that both genders cannot be regarded as outstanding bosses over others.

In conclusion, one should exhibit all the leadership position traits before that person could be considered an extraordinary leader, I opine, both sexes have some of these traits, but not all. Therefore, I partially agree with the opinion that women are better commanders than men.

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