Academic 7: pants, pet, picnic, plane, plate

1. pants

– Part Of Speech: plural_noun
– Meaning: Underpants or knickers.
– Example:
+ I was standing in my bra and pants (both white) and a pair of black ankle socks.
+ The chaps Tom and I have styled all bought pants or boxers and vests and have all reported back that they are soft, fit really well and that their women think they look much better.
+ Many stores now sell bikinis as separates, so you can buy the pants and bra in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit.
+ A 50 year old scientist burnt his private parts whilst using his laptop whilst wearing trousers and pants.
+ wide pant legs
+ They have reliably informed us that Chris does NOT wear his pants outside his trousers.
+ She was dressed in green Marks and Spencer jeans, socks, white bra and black pants.
+ corduroy pants

2. pet

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure.
– Example:
+ the pony was a family pet
+ Cats, fish, and sometimes singing birds are reared as pets by Malay families.
+ His pet or “companion animal” has been an essential part of his life.
+ Both domestic animals and pets have important roles in our lives.
+ Be aware that injured animals, even tame pets will bite savagely if given a chance.
+ I’m not sure if people look like their pets, but you can tell a lot about a person by what they look for in a pet.
+ Now, the centre is home to a whole range of animals, including domestic pets like cats and dogs.
+ As the city grows, and cats become more popular as domestic pets, the number of animals living rough increases.

3. picnic

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside.
– Example:
+ we swam and went on picnics
+ This potato salad will remind you of picnics and barbecues.
+ In this country a classic picnic is as much a family tradition as Sunday lunch.
+ As with almost all American holidays, it had become a day for feasting, for picnics and barbecues, for BIG SALES!
+ There are picnics plus barbecues and sports activities in the home’s fields and grounds.
+ If the field was allowed to grow like a hay meadow, to encourage meadow flowers and insects that feed on them, an area should also be kept mown or grazed for picnics, barbecues and also, perhaps, with pathways among the long grass.
+ When they did visit, they took the train to Argyll under police escort and their grandmother took them fishing or for picnics in the country.
+ I heard of the clubs and the socialist Sunday schools that organised picnics in the country and study groups.
+ Telling his wife to invite Liena, he declared that he would borrow his father’s car and take them out for a picnic in the country.

4. plane

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would wholly lie.
– Example:
+ the horizontal plane
+ In a horizontal plane, a square has an upside and a downside.
+ The distance between images taken along the optical z-axis and the number of images projected into a single plane is indicated.
+ This just means that we can focus on the surfaces, lines, and planes and ignore the fact that they are physical objects.
+ The parabola results when the plane is parallel to a generating line of the cone.
+ He then considered the problem of when the geodesics on a surface could be represented as straight lines on the plane.
+ The style was mathematical in its use of columns in straight lines, and flat planes.
+ What is the path of an object dragged along a horizontal plane by a string of constant length when the end of the string not joined to the object moves along a straight line in the plane?
+ Start with a smooth solid of revolution whose cross sections by horizontal planes perpendicular to the rotation axis are circular rings.

5. plate

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served.
– Example:
+ he pushed his empty plate to one side and sipped his wine
+ a dinner plate
+ They didn’t tell me that I’d be the only woman there, apart from two serving wenches who disappeared the minute those dinner plates hit the table.
+ Serve on dinner plates, pouring any extra sauce on top.
+ I did get a bit miffed when I found the officers sitting in a cellar eating off china plates.
+ Linda watched Karen as she sat her new doll carefully on a tree stump and placed tiny china plates, cups and saucers before it.
+ When all those invited had arrived, toasts were drunk to the betrothed couple, and the first plates of food were served.
+ Both Chris and Peter have a great love of the Aussie bush and a passion to generate recognisably Tasmanian foods for the dinner plate.
+ When dinner had ended, I scraped the food from my plate back into the dish, and I handed Nathaniel my dish.

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